Internet Provider Bargains?

azroyalApril 19, 2006

I'm tired of spending $20 a month on my dial-up provider, and would love to find faster service for about the same amount of money. Anyone aware of good deals out there?


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Where do you live? You could try your local phone company and see if they have any (package) deals (though that likely will be dialup, not DSL). If you have cable, you can ask about how much current subscribers are charged for cable modem.

The trouble with a lot of faster-access options is that the areas in which they're offered can be quite limited. You'll do much better in or near a good-sized city and/or University than you will in Frost Bite Falls. For instance, Earthlink offers what they call "high-speed" access for $12.95/mo, but specifies that the areas in which you can get it are limited.

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When I lived in the nearby city (300,000+) I used a dial-up service that serves only a few local areas around here, for $14.95 if paying monthly, or $9.95 monthly if paying for a year at a time, which gave me service which pleased me, but I wasn't doing a lot of downloading/uploading of files, graphics, etc.

Now that I live in a rural area, high-speed, or even medium speed via telephone wire is not available. And cable is not available, of course, so using the cable company's service is not possible.

I'd suggest asking some of your neighbours what kind of service may be available in your area, prices, quality, etc.

Good wishes for finding means of communication adequate for your needs.

ole joyful

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$12.95 per month is the introductory rate for the first 6 months. After that its going to cost more than you're paying now. The regular earthlink dial-up is 21.95/mo after a $9.95 introductory rate.

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I've found that some internet providers can be very unreliable. That's why I try to avoid signing up for long service contracts as I don't want to be stuck with an ISP that should be called an "Intermittent Service Provider". To me, it's worth a bit extra each month just to know it's going to work when I need it.

When I did sign up for broadband, which meant I *had* to sign up for at least a whole year; I asked everyone I knew what they used and how good it was. Out of the most positive responses I researched price/features and signed up with the ISP I liked most. I accept that there may be cheaper and just as reliable ISPs, but when you have to sign up for a whole year there isn't much room for trial and error.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Dial-up is all that is available in my rural area at this time if you don't count satellite with the $600 installation fee!

I use Transworld. They were (a year ago) expanding their area to include all states. I have been pleased with them.
The total cost is 14.95 a month, and that includes a free accelerator...and I cannot stress what a difference the accelerator has made in my enjoyment of being on line.
Their tech support is good, and I have it set up to automatically have the payment taken from my checking each month, which is so handy for me.

They also have a seperate long distance plan, but if you have them both for your isp and long distance, you get the calls for 5.9 cents per minute. They even partial bill the minutes...I have had some very short calls cost just 3 cents.

Now, if you sign up for the isp and ld for a year, the isp is 13.95 a month, and calls are 4.5 a month.

Now if you sign up for 1 year, with a paperless bill the rate is 12.95 a month and 4.5 a minute.

I also had an 800 number (for some out of state children to use) and that was 6 cents a minute.

If interested their number is 1-888-893-3040 to sign up.

Sue...always on the search for the cheapest and best way...

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There was an outfit around here a while ago called "LOOK TV", that offered alternative to cable TV within about 15 miles of TV broadcaster's antenna. They were a companion service to the multi-level marketed "Excel" alternative long distance phone provider.

Internet service also provided, don't know at what price: downloading was pretty good, but couldn't upload except by dial-up. Don't know whether they had a deal on that.

Phone co. offered med. speed service a while ago, but when I phoned, they asked for my phone No., it wasn't available in my area. Don't know if it is now: doubt it.

ole joyful

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I am on dial-up, as well, and was told a while ago that neither high speed nor medium speed were available in my area.

I note your comment about your accelerator.

I think that I'll ask "my" phone co. whether such may be available here.

I say "my" phone co. ... cause a few mos. ago I bought some shares in their co.

Maybe not a wise move - I have shares in 3 phone cos. now, too much asset invested one type of business, even if some of 'em are in other countries.

Especially in an area where innovation is taking place at a dizzying pace ... leaving a number of the foremr providers of service in the dust.

Can anyone spell "K-O-D-A-K"?

Thanks for the idea about the accelerator, chemocurl.

If I can find something that speeds up my use of dial-up ...

... I'll have to take you out to dinner sometime.

(How many family members are we talking, here?)

Oh, yes - and where do you live?

How far away from London, ON?

If it's too far - maybe I'll curl up my toes and die before I make it to your area (that'll likely happen to me long before to you).

Put in some more garden a couple of days ago.

It's rained both days since - but rather cool.

Hope you're having an enjoyable week.

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

OJ, I'm guessing you have your dial up ISP with YOUR phone company...right?

Anyway, it is the actual ISP that has the free accelerator.

I think Net Zero is about $10 a month, and then another $5 for their accelerator. Someone told me though that they charge for customer support...grrrr...that could get expensive. I'm not sure if it is true though. There may be other ISPs out there with accelerators too.

Well, if you find a free accelerator or one very affordable and get speeded up, you will get off easy on the dinner. I am a family of one, with a DBF an hour away. Outback Steakhouse is my favorite. I'm in southern Indiana...not sure how far that is from you though.

I too have ownership in MY phone co. I worked for them 30 years and for a while they had quite a good deal for employees buying stock. Needless to say, I have too many of my eggs in one basket, and need to redistribute them.

Whoopie! I almost forgot. I got a survey in the mail yesterday from my Rural Electric Cooperative. They want to know if I would be interested in getting the internet over the power lines (would able to be 'on' all the time)at a speed of 256kbps for $29.95. I'm sending it back, saying "Bring it on fast! I'd like to be the first to enjoy it."


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