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budsterApril 28, 2008

Just decided to use all those old sets of chopsticks which come free with takeout dinners out to the garden to mark my rows of various vegetables. Yes I know sticks and such work just as well or you can make some but these were handy and hey taking up some room in the junk drawer. Well it works for me.........and what do you use those old chopsticks for? I've read of people making knitting needles from them... and for goofy bun holders(this is for the ladies naturally)...and a kids party activity...they made flags and decorated a backyard with them (didn't last but kept the kids busy). Of course I am sure some of us don't do "chinese take-out" but it was just something I thought I'd what do you use them for...besides eating I mean! Budster

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I've used them for crafts. I cut them into small pieces instead of using dowel rods. I've also seen them painted white and made into snowmen.

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Chop sticks make great seed planters--just poke a hole in the starting mix and plant a seed! I use them to hold down newspaper tents for recently transplanted seedlings. A chopstick right by the seedling to keep the newspaper from smashing the plant, and one at each corner of the newspaper as pegs. I never learned to use chopsticks properly for eating, but as a gardening aid, they're great!

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This spring, after a storm, I noticed my beloved (favorite) plants, three bleeding hearts (dicentras) were laying down. I had no chopsticks or popsicle sticks around, so I propped them up with some double-pointed knitting needles. I love knitting, but I love my flowering plants even more!

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