Can I seal brick to concrete block gap in my garage?

T454May 8, 2012

We bought a house that has a garage, house is vinyl sided with brick veneered concrete block foundation. They continued the veneer into the garage for a finished look I assume. The garage does not have a door, and we are having problems with miscellaneous insects and snakes getting into the air gap between the load bearing block and the veneer.

The block has galvanized metal termite shield on it with a somewhat jagged edge extending to the air gap area.

My wife is having a fit for me to seal the gap so the creatures will nest elsewhere. My question is can I mortar or caulk this gap up (1/4" to 3/4" gap) or does it need to be left open? We have a lot of termite activity on our property and have came across several mounds of termites and had to burn a lot of scrap materials left by the builders/previous homeowner that were infested, will I have termite problem if I seal up the air gap (since the shield does not extend across)? Thanks

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Leave it open. It's a weep hole for any moisture that might get behind the brick. You can try screening it. Hardware cloth?

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You should check with your termite control company, if you have one, about closing that up even if you don't bridge the termite shield. I am having trouble visualizing it. You may want it open to check for termite activity depending on what kind of termites you have in your area.

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