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jennybogJuly 29, 2014

Hello, I was wondering if you of you have purchased from club furniture?I am going to be purchasing the ivy slip covered sofa, love seat and two chairs.Pics would be great as well.Thank you!

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Hi Jenny, I looked into this brand when sofa searching and could not really find anything bad about them. There were a few comments that the fabric was not as nice as yesteryear but those were few. I actually talked to a staff member and he seemed very easy to do business with. Their construction seemed good or better but did not fall into the âÂÂbestâ category â¦hence the lower price (my range). I was looking for leather and they did not have the shade I was looking for so I took them off my list.
Good luck, itâÂÂs a tiresome journey.

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Did you sell the other sofa?

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I bought the Palmer sofa from them in 2005 in the khaki twill fabric as pictured on the website. It was used in my formal living room (occasionally used) and lasted 8 years. The cushions looked new, but the fabric was stained by my elderly dog. The ordering process was great. The delivery guys were very nice. I would order from them again.

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Thank you all for your input. 1929spanish ,i haven't sold it yet.If it doesnt sell in the next 2 weeks i am taking it to the consignment furniture store.Now i need to decide what drapes ,pillows and wall color

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Hopefully you can get it sold. You might try ebay with local pickup. I think you get a better quality buyer. I made a bad sofa and chair choice once. It was painful, but I got rid of them for a huge loss on CraigsList after a couple years and never looked back.

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Wow these look great. I am on the sofa search as well. Which color are you going with? Do you know if the back cushions are fixed on this model?

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I am going with snowbird(white linen).I want some thing to wash and bleach if needed.Yes the back cushions come off.

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