Bullnose drywall corners and baseboard

pjslunaDecember 21, 2005


I was wondering if anyone has advice on what to do with my situration. We chose to have bullnose drywall corners done and but now need to address installation of baseboards.

We did not think ahead about this and all is finsished and painted. We did not cut the flooring close enough to cover the floor if we use bullnose corner baseboard adapters or 22.5° angles...

So we have to do regular 90° angles and this leaves a gap between the baseboard corner and the bullnose...Besides filling with caulk does anyone have a brilliant solution?


Thanks in advance for any help you might provide

Here is a link that might be useful: bullnose corners and baseboard

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Why can't you use the 22.5 method? You just run your base to either side of the radius with a 22.5 cut short point meeting where the radius meets the plain of the wall. Then simply cut a piece with 22.5's to fill that space giving you a 45 degree corner. If you are using a fair sized base, you can usually glue / nail the filler piece. If it's smaller baseboard, just glue, as nailing usually splits the piece.If you haven't done this before, it's time consuming and takes a little patience, but you'll get it after a few corners.I usually use a fine metal file to fine tune the sharp edges of the cuts and to touch it up. This method still leaves a minor gap(s), but nowhwere near that of a 90.Happy Holidays!

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We can't use the 22.5 method because we did not cut the wood floor right i.e. lose enough to drywall...If we do 22.5° there would be exposed/uncovered concrete... We are trying to avoid adding shoe molding(quarter round) if possible.

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I found another avenue that might help. Trim tex is a company that makes all kinds of trick drywall accessories. They have what they call "wooden bullnose corner blocks". They have them for inside corners as well. Try the link, hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: that home site

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If it covers the gap, I'd just do the quarter round for a cleaner, professional look. We have it thruout our home and I love it.

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Looks nice! I like the idea of a quarter round that matches the floor will have to look into it. My DH says your radius looks smaller than ours? we have 3/4 corner bullnose. When we cut the 22.5° angles or filler piece was almost twice as long as yours (I think)?

Sierraeast...thanks for the link...had been to trimtex site too.
I found one bullnose adaptor at a local moulding company (wood and supposed to match our trim, butit did not match the baseboard exactly...have to look into the trim tex products I guess but I bet they wont match...not too thrilled about their "stand alone corner" idea.

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If it helps..........the width of the corner baseboard is 1". On the walls with beadboard it's a little over 1 1/4".

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That quarter round really looks great. Adds a dimensional detail even if it was painted the same as the base. merry xmas everyone!

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I really don't think you have a good option other than to use shoe molding to cover the floor gaps because the squared baseboard corners with bullnosed corners just doesn't work (at least aesthtetically). You can also get flexible molding pieces that will bend to match the contour of the wall bullnose if you don't like the look shown above (which IMHO looks great).

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Look here:


Our drywaller put bullnose edging on as a surprise....we really liked it until I started to install the trim. These corner blocks my wife found on the internet look fabulous now that they're installed!! We will do the same thing in any house we ever build again. Everyone who comes over talkes about them. Contact me if you'd like photos: john21710@hotmail.com

Here is a link that might be useful: base corner blocks - wood

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I have information copied from an older thread on this issue... I'll see if I can find it and re post it ...

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There are a couple of threads on the Building forum...with suggestions to address this problem. Do a search for "bullnose" and it will pull them up.

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There is a great little solution for filling that gap between your bullnose and the baseboard. Its known as the Bullnose Base & Crown Plug and it is manufactured by Flannery, Inc. Its plastic and has a shoulder on it so that it fits any size baseboard, even if its over 6 inches. It is slid into place after all of the trim work is done. You can find them online at www.sjtsupply.com

Here is a link that might be useful: SJT Supply, LLC

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