Stuck shutter hinge screw

bbstxMay 7, 2014

One of DD's shutter hinges broke in a line right where 2 of the 3 screws go through it. She has been able to purchase a replacement hinge that will allow her to use the same screw holes in the brick. She has been able to remove the top and bottom screws AND the brick-side leaf of the hinge. However, she cannot remove the middle screw from its hole.

Because the hinge leaf broke across the screw hole, she was able to remove the hinge leaf. She has tried everything to remove the stuck screw. Just to help you envision the situation, on the brick side of the hinge, there is no hinge leaf and 2 of the 3 screws are gone. The middle screw is stuck. It will rotate, but it won't come out or go farther in.

To unscrew the screw, she has tried a hammer drill, a regular drill, a manual screwdriver, and pliers (the head is sticking out enough to grasp with pliers). As I said, the screw turns but doesn't move in or out.

Can she take a hack saw, cut the stuck screw off even with the brick, and just replace the shutter hinge with screw in the upper and lower holes? Is there a better "DIY with limited tools and skills" solution?

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I'm surprised she hasn't stripped the screw by now. Has she tried prying it out with a nail remover?

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One step further. Grab the top of the screw with some vise-grips. Then put a pry bar under the screwhead. Apply pressure to pry the screw out and at the same time turn it with the vise-grips and see if it backs out. It sound like screws were set into anchors in the brick and the anchor for that screw is spinning but won't pop out. Not knowing what type of anchor it is, it's unclear how big a hole it will make if forced out.

good luck.

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sdello is on to something, I believe.

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"sdello is on to something, I believe."


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I wonder if they used leaded screw anchors - the kind with a steel treaded insert in the back - and it's a machine screw?

You can also drill (1/8 - 3/16") carbide drill - next to the screw. The brick can easily be patched (mortar / epoxy putty ) - insert the new screw anchor (plastic) in the patching material before it hardens.

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Interesting. I only got email notification of graywings post and then Geoffrey B's post. I did not get notification of any of the posts between.

I appreciate all of the suggestions. No one addressed what I thought was the easiest solution: sawing off the protruding screw and just using 2 screws in the hinge. Is that a bad idea?

DD said she saw no evidence of screw anchors when she removed the hinge from the brick.

These are decorative shutters. I guess technically they are operable, but they will never be actually opened and closed.

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Two screws would be just fine.

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Thanks, GB for the opinion. I will pass it along to DD. If it works, I think that is going to be the simplest solution. While drilling out the old screw and filling the resulting hole with epoxy is probably the more workmanlike solution, I think it is above DD and DSIL's skills.

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Drill out the old screw and insert a larger diameter screw anchor - it'll be covered by the hinge, anyway.

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Good idea, sd. I'll pass it along. I'm guessing that drilling out the screw may be above DD's skill level, equipment level, and attention level.

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