How to get cat poop off a patio ?

jemshkojMay 25, 2012

I live upstairs & I have a little patio. I've been leaving my cat out there so she can poop in her litter box but she's had a couple accidents with pooping on the patio floor. I picked as much as I can up with some gloves & a bag. Thing is, there's still some poop on the floor & it's gross. I was thinking of watering it down but since I'm upstairs the water is just going to go downstairs to the floor. & that's right in front of the people who lives under me front door. So that's not going to work. Should I just use some bleach & just scrub away ? Or Simple Green ? Thanks in advance.

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What happens when it rains? The water flows off your patio down below so what's the big deal about runoff going off the patio. Just wash the deck and rinse thoroghly. Keep rinsing until it is diluted and goes away. All poop is biodegradable so it shouldn't be an issue.

P.S. I would not do it when your neighbors are going in and out of the their front door. You might let them know you want to wash your patio (and just don't go into all the details).

Also, to prevent the build-up again you could always shoot the cat.

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"...since I'm upstairs the water is just going to go downstairs to the floor. "

Patios are normally on the ground.

Sounds more like a balcony.

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