Loft on bedroom for long size bed?

mommabirdDecember 29, 2012

My bed takes up 3/4 of my bedroom. There is also a chest, dresser and desk. I work at home and don't have space or a room for an office, so the desk in my bedroom is my 'office.' I can barely walk through the room.

I have been toying with the idea if building a loft in my room to elevate the bed. Then my office could be under it. I had a twin loft in college many years ago and have been thinking about how much it 'expanded' my dorm room.

I've seen many online sites with pictures of how people have built really stylish lofts that don't look dorm like.

My concern is that my house only has 8' ceilings. I am 6' tall. That only gives me 2' of loft space. I have a very thick mattress - at least 18". I think I'd have to make the loft lover to the floor, which would mean I'd have to stoop over to wall under it.

Any creative ideas? Don't suggest a smaller bed. I invested a ton of $ in my mattress (due to back issues) and it is very comfy. It has taken me many mattresses bought over many years to find one that doesn't hurt my back & I don't want to change it.

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Sophie Wheeler

Look outside the bedroom for creating an office space. In your situation, you do not have enough room to do a loft without making it too cramped to use as a bedroom and an office. At least it barely functions for you now.

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Do you have a big closet in your room....if so, put one of your peices of furniture in there....the chest OR make the closet your office and put your desk in there....I have seen it done and it works very well for small bedrooms. OR could you turn your bed into a murphy that folds up onto the wall? Of course when you lower the bed the floor would have to be clean and unobstructed.

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How about a Murphy bed? We love ours. Some let you combine bed and desk space. Be aware, too, that you don't need a loft (if you go that route) tall enough to walk under, just tall enough to sit under. Google desk under loft. Below are some Murphy bed desk combos in the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Murphy bed desk combos

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I had a loft in grad school. It was not very high, and I used the space under it for storage. I did not "go under" except on those occasions that I needed to access the less used items. The accessible side (it was a twin in a corner) had a chest of drawers and a rod for hanging clothes. (The closet in my room was tiny by any standards in the last 80 years.) To get to the infrequently used stuff, I had to compress the hanging clothes and 'crawl' behind (a la The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.)

It sounds like you might n�ed to have yours a bit lower. Depending on your layout, putting your dresser under one side and office storage or side desk on the other, might free up some space. Some pictures, dimensions, and how you use your office space would help me (and probably others) give you feedback.

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