Cheap airline flights?

michelle_s_phxazApril 2, 2006

We are going to Europe this fall and I was wondering if anyone had a good source for cheap international flights.


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There are lots of places, including airline Web sites and sites with the word "cheap" in their titles. On a general basis, however, the best fares are available if you can be flexible on exactly when you leave and return and even where you fly (can you fly from or to a city a little bit further away if it saves you a bundle? Another thought is to try an airline other than the dominant one at your local airport -- if a fare is not meat-and-potatoes for them, it may be cheaper. Another possibility is a consolidator, who helps airlines fill out flights as there are seats available toward the time of departure.

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LOL- ive had no luck on that myself

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You might want to try've had very good luck with domestic and friends have had good luck with international. It checks airlines' own sites for you, so is very convenient. Otherwise in general, I'd suggest trying the travelocitys and then the individual airlines as they often are not the same. Good luck and bon voyage!

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We just finished a major kitchen renovation and charged most of it on our capitalone miles card. We paid the balance off each month so no interest, and we earned over 55,000 air miles, enough for the two of us to fly just about anywhere. We're thinking Italy.

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Before the internet I used to use the ticket consolidators for my flights to Europe. One example was sometime in the 90's I flew from Chicago to Rome for $269 round trip. The catch was that travel dates had to be flexible and not too far into the future. The consolidators used to advertise in the travel section of the newspaper. I don't know how to find one now except maybe Google.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consolidators

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Another tip, fly a non-American airline for better service and cuisine.

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Cathay Pacific, if available, as a classy outfit - I don't know about cheap (last flew with them in 1957).

Or Singapore Airlines: # 1 in the world for customer service. Sorry, don't know about price - have neither used them nor investigated their tariffs.

ole joyful

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For coach? Some travel companies (consolidators) buy bulk tickets. Better to use them for first and business class vs. buying direct.

50k miles will not get 2 people to Europe, on most carriers it's a 50 or 60k ticket for 1, discount coach.

It all depends where you want to go, when, how long. Timing is everything. Most airlines use realtime inventory and pricing management systems, prices change daily. I fly a LOT for business, and a fare to NYC from LAX can cost anywhere between 300 and 1500, for the same flight. I used to fly to London from BOS frequenly, during winter, AA had 300 fares, during summer? over 1000. Japan 600 during winder, 1500 during summer.

It's all supply & demand, there isn't really a best system to get cheap airfare. Just beware, most travel sites are no better than the airline site. The airline would rather sell the ticket direct, they pay no comission that way, so they match or beat most website prices.

One other thing to check is alternate airports. Anywhere Southwest or JetBlue fly will be cheaper, and most of the larger airlines will match their fares.

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