How to fix a door that isn't straight?

enmnmMay 13, 2011

So my bedroom door wasn't hung precisely vertically. If it isn't closed completely, it always swings open. When the window is open and a breeze comes through at night, the door makes the most awful banging noise as the wind blows the door shut, over and over. When the door is closed I guess it only swings open a centimeter, but that's enough to make the banging noise.

Is there a way to fix this? If I have to rehang the door, can someone provide instructions as to what to do with the old holes? They would be so very close to the new holes...would that be structurally bad for the frame?

Thanks so much.

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The hinge side of your jamb is out of plumb. The casing will have to come off to replumb. As for the door being sloppy when closed you may be able to correct that by bending the metal flap within the strike toward the door.

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Well, the easiest thing to try first is to take the pins out of the hinges, lay them on a concrete surface, and give each one a modest rap or two in the center; then reinstall. This will bend the pin slightly and provide more friction so the door won't be as easily blown open. IF you need to make the hinge stiffer, take the pins back out and bend them a little more.

As for the door having a centimeter of play when closed...something is wrong here. Do you have a strike plate installed? If so, there should be minimal play once the bolt engages with the hole in the strike plate. Provide more details.

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Thanks so much. I found a temporary, easy fix.

You know those little velvet sticker things that you can put on the bottom of bric-a-brac to prevent them from scratching the furniture, they're about the size of a thumb tack. We stuck two of them onto the vertical door stop. No more banging noise.

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