Can you clear my doubt about home security system?

jeckjiemMay 30, 2013

I have a home security system installed recently. Do I need to test it regularly? What is opinion about this?

home security products

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Sophie Wheeler

Most people DO test it regularly (unintentionally) the first month or two by forgetting the code and then having the police arrive at their door.

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In my experience, you don't need to test them frequently. I test mine about every couple of years. My system has electronics that allow my alarm company to monitor it continually for things like low battery backup, etc. Presuming you have a monitoring company, ask them for advice on testing. In any case, remember to warn your neighbors and the company in advance if you are going to set it off. Otherwise you may get a police visit and a fine for a false alarm. Generally, though, if the alarm can be armed and disarmed, it's working correctly. If the alarm horn was tested when it was first installed, you're probably good.

Just remember that the backup battery should probably be replaced every 5 years or so, and this is easy to do yourself.

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