mushroom hunting

natalija_gardenerApril 9, 2010

I am thinking about joining some club of so called mycologist(mushroom hunters and lovers). I like mushrooms and after reading the book "Opposum living"(which some of you mentioned here earlier)I want to find some folks who are knowledgible about that issue in my area and may be join them. The one website I found in my area (Western WA) looks very interesting - they have meetings every month, a lot of field trips and othe fun events. But membership is 25$ a year. I would prefer to find something like that for free;-))

does anybody know any info on that? Some web-sites?

Does anybody do that ?

any info would be greatly appreciated!

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If you do not know your mushrooms joining for a year could be a good trial. If you find that you do not enjoy the group then let membership lasp at the end of the year. With mushrooms what you do not know can kill you or make you very sick.

A word of caution though, do not let first impressions spoil it for you, since mushroom hunters often march to a different drummer. It may take several meetings until you feel comfortable.

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I agree with maifleur completely.

Do not take any chances with wild mushrooms that have not been positively identified by someone who is an expert.

Mistakes can have dire consequences.

It's best to learn how to i.d. a couple of varieties at a time, in person, with a group. I think it's worth $25.

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When I was a kid, a local family went mushroom hinting. Everyone died that night from eating poison mushrooms. There are too many bad mushrooms out there. Not wirth trying to be frugal. Buy mushrooms from a good store and you won't die.

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For what it's worth ... my mycology professors did not do any mushroom hunting outside the grocery store.

When the experts won't do it, the amateurs should stay out of there.

The problem is that - with a few exceptions - there are so many look-alikes and look-almost-alikes out there that you need to pick them in the right stage of development and look at exactly the right part of the mushroom or tell poisonous from non-poisonous.

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