Alternatives to wood roof/balcony Fascia? composite?

mark_in_caMay 21, 2009

We have a small 40 year old 6 unit condo building 2 blocks from the beach near Los Angeles, over the years between the termites and sea air the 2x10" Fascia around the roof and on the front of balconies needs replaced.

Al\re there any composite materials that might be appropriate to use in this application? I hear them used for decks all the time, but haven't heard about it for something like this. For the roof it's just cosmetic, for the balconies, the railings are fascia mounted, so it would have to hold up a heavy glass balcony railing.

Like many buildings here, the foot print is small and the building is tall, so it's hard to keep up with painting and patching over time - thus the problem we have now from deferred maintenance. So if we are going to replace the boards, we'd prefer not to put the same old wood back.

Thanks for any advice.


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Check out PVC lumber products---madw just for that kind of thing.

Home Horror stores and lumberyards.

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I guess the question is if any of these products are suitable for structural use. e.g. bolting a 400# glass railing onto a 15' balcony PVC fascia.

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PVC lumber is decorative only---it has no structural properties.

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