lucilleApril 11, 2013

I just found out that one can buy cases of stuff like paper towels on Does anyone buy paper goods or grocery supplies from them and is it worthwhile? They offered a coupon that you could 'clip' by just clicking on it.

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It all depends on the shipping costs.

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My son and DIL buy Pampers on Amazon. They belong to Amazon Prime (I think that's what it's called) and so they don't have to pay shipping.

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For a lot of items if your total is over I think $49, shipping is free.

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Nope... super saver shipping starts at $25, IF the purchase qualifies.

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I use the subscribe and save option for several itms that are priced similar or lower than my regular local store. I considered paper towels, but the box my 20 pack Scott's TP comes in is big, the paper towel box must be huge! I also have an Amazon reward cc, so I earn triple points on anything suppled by Amazon, and can redeem points at check out.

Sure a few things might be a buck or two more in some cases, but considering the convenience vs waiting until I both have time to go buy something and remember I need to buy it, totally worth it. I'm too cheap to let much more than that slide though, even on something i only buy 2-3 times a year, so I'm careful about what I opt to buy online.

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If you order 5 or more subscribe and save items you get a 15% discount on the order. Delivery for subscribe and save items is always free. Amazon has digital coupons that can be clipped as well. This month my total is $23 for 4 boxes of dishmachine detergent, 48 double rolls of Charmin tp. These all had digital coupons and a 15% discount.

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