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stardomSeptember 1, 2008

Just popped in to say hello, I haven't been here for ages, I hope you are all well and achieving great things with PSP etc.

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Hi Hazel. I check in every day to see if anyone is doing anything. It's been pretty slow lately.

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Hi Hazel/Judy,

I pop in once in awhile when I think of it.

There hasn't a day gone by that I don't think about how I am soooooo grateful for this forum in finding out about PSP and learning how to use it along with such a wonderful group of people who were all learning together.
I couldn't have found this site at a better time!
I still use PSP7 all the time (hooked on it) even tho 9 & 10 has more to offer. Someday, sigh!


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Hi Urlee. I still use #7 too. I just found #11 came with my new camera but I haven't had a chance to give it a work out yet.
I learned so much from this forum. I wish we could get things rolling here again.

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Hey Judy,

Shame on us for deserting this forum on account of us learning enough for our use and not wanting to learn the "goodies" that program has to offer.

Bless PSP and "Jasc", NOT Corel.


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I use PSPX I think it is marvellous, reluctant to move on.
Any member tried the new browser for Google, Chrome Beta?
I would be interested to have your comments.

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PSPX is half Jasc and finished by Coral.

See url for comments on Google Chrome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chrome Beta

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