Paint plastic straps on yard furniture?

Irma_StPeteApril 10, 2006

Can I beautify and prolong the life of the plastic straps on a freeby lounger from a neighbor? The maroon colored straps are sun (?) damaged on the top side - dark, so not shiny, and pitted. Undersides are shiny & nice. I scrubbed it. I need to know what type paint or application will be helpful. THANKS!

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I'm not sure any paint would really work because as the straps bend and flex when someone sits on it, the paint would probably crack. I'm thinking you could just put a pretty throw or beach towel on it for summer.

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Do they sell replacement straps? I think the cheapest and easiest is socks suggestion - cover with a towel or make/purchase seat cushions.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Could the straps be taken off and turned over? Are they brighter on the bottom and back of it?

Just a thought.


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Or just turn the whole thing over with the good side up and tell people it's a new style! LOL...just kidding, of course.

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I think that, in the light of the fascination that moderns seem to have with new, especially "innovative" stuff ...

... Socks12345's idea (did I count correctly?) sounds like a good one to me.

Her second one, that is.

ole joyful

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