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homersgardenApril 6, 2006

A year and a half ago my husband and I got a Discover gas card. We use this card to buy all of our gas and pay it off every month without fail. Then, we use our rewards bonus to buy gift cards with at Christmas for gifts. The gift cards are great and to places we actually go to (or those we love). For example, I got:

2 $50 GAP cards (for $40)

1 $50 Crabtree and Eveyln (for $25)

4 $25 Borders (for $20 each)

The list goes on and on. This is how we did all our Christmas shopping and it didn't cost us anything!

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I use Discover for all my monthly expenses, then pay off when the bill comes. I earn a pretty decent cash back reward.

I wish I could pay my mortgage with it.

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We have a Discover credit card - not just a gas card - is there a difference?

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Yes, they have one specifically for gas purchases. Not sure why?

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I buy pre paid gas cards at Marathon. You can buy a $50 card for $48. This saves 4% on each dollar I put in my tank. This morning gas was $2.75. My cost with the prepaid card was actually $2.64, real bargain huh? (not sure is sarcasam was detected)

The way prices have gone crazy lately, I cannot justify not buying the cards. I buy them in either $150 or $200 increments. It now costs about $60 to fill up my mini van. Gas prices are killing our economy! Who has money leftover for anything after filling up? I also pay for the cards originally with my Northwest Airlines credit card. It earns a mile/dollar spent which we trade in for tickets. We've redeemed them for tickets to Hawaii, Houston and sent two to my brother and family to attend our family reunion. We almost have enouth for another 3 ticket to Hawaii!!!

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I have a Chase Marathon Visa credit card. I get 5% off my gas when I go to Marathon which comes directly oof my bill each month and 1% off every other purchase. I pat my bill off every month so I have no intrest charges. I save a lot of money with this credit card plus I can use it every where i go. I had Discover and a lot of merchants wont take it so what good is that.

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Love my amazon card. Amazon bucks and save up purchases for free shipping. Fabs!

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homersgarden-I've always been tempted by the giftcards (especially when you get the double ones) but I never thought to give them as gifts! That's a great and easy idea! Might be doing that this year!

I LOVE my Discover card!! My husband and I both charge most of our expenses: gas, groceries etc. (and pay it off each month) We also get a nice Cashback bonus, which I always apply to our balance, so $20 or $40 here and there subtracted!

When I was in college my mom charged my college tuition for Air Miles!! She got a few trips for free after a while! I heard the college stopped the program though.

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I've been using Discover since they started. Got the Discover Gas card about a year ago. But I just got a notice the regular card will be giving the 5% rebate on gas now too.

I've been looking for places that sell the gas cards at a discount. Take the 4% off when you buy the card, pay for it with Discover and get 5% back on the purchase of the discounted cards and then throw a $2 coupon on when you fill the vehicle with the discounted gas card.... would be a nice savings!

Around here, virtually everyone takes Discover. I won't shop with a place who won't take it.

Right now there's a promo going to give 5% rebate on purchases from Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Dell, etc so if I need office supplies I'll head to an office store and get a little rebate on it.

Plus I like the online payment. You can schedule the payment to be posted weeks later so I don't forget to make the payment on time. No finance or late charges. I charge most everything I can but pay it off monthly.

And Discover has treated me well.

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Hey kayakingkris,
Do they have the discounted prepaid gift cards at Marathons across the U.S.? Or is it just specifically for your store? I'd like to know. Thanks.

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