Craftsman opener flashing 4 times

sasquatch_runnerMay 25, 2010

Purchased and installed Craftsman door opener October 2009, model 139.18458DM. Worked great until now. Door will open using remote but won't close. When trying to close door, begins to move then stops immediately. Light flashes 10 times. Door will close when pressing wall switch continuously. One door sensor LED is green and other is yellow. Checked sensor alignment. Cleaned lense on sensors. Vacation button is not flashing light on wall switch.

The LED light at LEARN button flashes 4 times then off for 4 seconds and repeats this cycle. During the 4 second Off Cycle, LED flashes 4 times so faintly it's difficult to notice it's occuring. If incandescent light bulb is on, the LED flashing during the Off Cycle cannot be seen.

Don't have an instruction manaul. Sure could use some help, thanks.

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Safety reversing sensors slightly misaligned (dim or flashing LED).

Tweak the sensors to eliminate.

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Tightened nut on sensor mounting bolt and checked alignment again. I think I was beginning to over analyze the problem. Operates good now with my remote and wall pad. Wife's remote didn't work today so reprogramed it with the learn button and works now. Thanks for the good advice to stick to the basics when troubleshooting. Thanks again!

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