Kitchen layout advice - weird wrap around corner

jett254April 8, 2014

We are finalizing our cabinet design this week and we have this weird wrap around corner. I haven't been in love with anything the designer has suggested. Attached is the current version - I like how the upper cabinets look and I like that the counter top is squared off (previous iteration had it angled which I didn't like) but I don't love how unbalanced the lower cabinets look with the false panel on one side and drawers on the other side. Any better suggestions??? I'd hate for it to look strange but can't seem to be come up with anything better!


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Corner open shelves? Someone here posted a picture of that...I'll see if I can find it. Looked nice, and functional.

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Here tis, see the picture shared by olivertwist in this thread. Might something similar work?

Here is a link that might be useful: See olivertwist corner shelves

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I've also seen corner cabinets that have doors on two sides, so the false panel would also be a door. The one I'm thinking of is an upper cabinet, but I don't know why it couldn't work in a lower.

OOTM, I remember the open corner shelves too. It was in the onions and potatoes thread, and I think it was olivertwist's beautiful kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: the onions and potatoes thread

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OOTM Mom -- you got there before me :-)

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Fori is not pleased

No reason not to put a door there and have it open on both sides....unless you want drawers in that spot facing the island (I would, unless I had a particular NEED for a cab there).

Orrrr..use extra large drawer faces on the drawers on the short side so it looks like the entire stubby run is a drawer bank. Sure, you'd be disappointed when you opened it, but not before then.

If that's too weird, and you also do want a cabinet instead of all drawers, swap the door for the drawers. Put the drawers in the corner opening toward the island and put doors under the glass uppers. Then you can have 3 evenly sized doors, except one of them is fake.

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I think open shelves there would look great, as the others have already said :)

Maybe even open shelving on that entire bottom run, and skip the drawers. Put glass doors on those two uppers, shelves on the bottom, and it could serve as a built-in china cabinet.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. I think the open shelves would look more balanced although not sure I love open shelves - have young kids so I feel like anything I put on them wouldn't exactly be child proof.

Do you guys thing the design looks ok as is and I'm just reading too much into it, or do you think it looks unbalanced too?

One idea I had was the make the cabinet around the corner next to the spice pull out the false panel one, made to look like a cabinet door, and then make the drawers on the front outward facing cabinet full width (and maybe make the top row two side by side drawers instead of a long skinny one)???

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How about a floor to ceiling cabinet wall on the end, as wide as the wall? Glass the whole thing for a china cabinet. I think it would be easier to make that a separate feature than to try to blend it in with the rest.

The cabinets and counter from the kitchen side would go all the way to the end, so you'd still have end panels showing - but it wouldn't be much different than if there was a wall there.

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