Hardwood floor nails won't go in???

bedenDecember 2, 2012

I'm installing floor. Was told wood is taun wood with cherry stain. 3/4". Tried two different compressors, two diff. hoses three diff. guns, 2" and 1 1/2" cleat nails, 2" staples set pressure all way from 80 psi to 150 psi. Oiled guns. Nails and staples won't go in far enough. Tried on subfloor and other wood and it goes all the way in. Tried on scrap with a piece of flooring thinking it was subfloor same bad result. Not on a slab. 3/4 plywood and 1 by 8 underneath. Any ideas. Now I have to hit in with a set on each nail. Taking forever this way. Please help with any ideas of what I might have wrong. Thanks. P.s. also using correct spacing plate with gun.

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Are you striking the nailer hard enough?

It still takes a decent blow.

I actually prefer a dead blow hammer over a rubber mallet

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Hose diameter and length?

Small diameter or long hoses can create enough pressure drop once the air starts moving to result in shallow fasteners.

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I'm definitely hitting it hard. So frustrated I hit it so hard the plate on the gun is leaving dents so I toned it down a bit but still hitting it hard enough to drive the nail with out a compressor. I'm using 1/4 ID hose that is only 10' in length. I also tried a 20' hose that came with the compressor. It was rated at 250 psi. The 10' is 300 psi. I appreciate the ideas and will try a bigger diameter hose. I work construction and watched the carpenters and the hose I have is the one they use. Mine is much shorter than the ones they use. Any other thoughts will be much appreciated.

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Never heard of "taun". But many tropical hardwoods are extremely hard. Some require predrilling. Slow going.

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Never heard of taun either. Bought it from lumber liquidators. Thought it was cherry when I bought it but now after the problems I have been having they tell me it's taun with Malacan cherry stain.. Maybe I spelled it wrong but that's actually how they said it was spelled. They said it was 40% harder than oak. They also said they never had this problem. Had it with bamboo and exotic woods but said this was a common floor. I don't believe it is very hard because I dropped the nail set I have had to use to drive the nails from 12" and it stuck in the plank. Can't see this floor lasting very long. Unfortunate being I tried to buy a hard floor that would last a while. All it's been is problems. Pre drilling is possible but it would take much longer to do that and line up the nail gun than just blast away and go back and sink the nails. Thanks. I very much appreciate the help and time you took to help me. This floor is going to kill me yet.

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" 1/4 ID hose"

That is very likely the issue.

try at least 3/8 or 1/2 in hose.

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beden - I just got a taun sample and I absolutely love it. I came across your post and was wondering how did everything go finally? How do you like the floors so far?

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There are forums dedicated to Lumber Liquidator problems, musica. Beware of engineered floors generally. Do lots of research before investing.

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Listen to snookums2. My problems with install were completely my fault. After figured out what was doing wrong, floor went in and looked beautiful. It turns out to be very soft. It's so bad u can't use it at all. Dents very bad, extremely easy. I will have to replace it. I am actually looking into legal alternatives right now. Do yourself a favor. There's a reason they are cheap and it's not just because they buy in bulk. This was my experience. Whatever u do, make sure it's hard enough. Hit it with things u might drop and see how bad damage is. Before I knew my floor was junk it looked so nice my parents went and bought flooring from them. Different floor style and same result. Junk floor. Hope this helps. Sorry to disappoint but hope u didn't buy it yet. Good luck.

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Every framer roofer finisher my self included uses 1/4 " lines up to 200' with no problems ever....the compressor is maybe set wrong or , most pneumatic tools have a depth adjustment

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