Thinset Working Time??

ohmmm_gwMay 16, 2006

I have a bag of powdered thinset mortar from Home Depot. I am wondering what the actual working time is on the mix once you have it mixed with water?? The point at which it is too stiff to realistically work anymore.

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I would venture to say 30-45 minutes. I'm certain it would depened on temperature, humidity and how much water you mixed in. I can say that if you mix it in a plastic container that it will set up quicker than if you used a metal container.

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That information is included on the bag, or should be. It is on every bag of thinset I have bought from HD.

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Could get an hour and a half or so, depending. And stir it occasionally by hand with a margin trowel.

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According to their literature:

"Material in bucket will remain workable in excess of two hours."

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