Corel PSPX extras

urleeSeptember 30, 2005

Did any of you download Corel Photo Album, Pixmantec Rawshooter, and Bookmaker?

I did but don't know of what good they are?

Also: I am very curious if any of you have received an e-mail from Corel today, offering PSPX for $99.00 boxed?

Is that the same one I just ordered and received for $59.00?


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I did not download Rawshooter as I already had it. It is for when you shoot in raw rather than jpg. format.
I called Corel and ask them what bookmaker was and it is a place when you can have your photos made into books for a fee. Needless to say I did not download that.
Probably is the same one as the 59.00 offer was for limited time.

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Thanks Barb,
I guess we were the lucky ones to get it before the $$$$!
Or are we? :)


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