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stardomSeptember 25, 2006

Download E-Books, when opened, can't see the images and instruction in the boxes. Just get the box with a white square with red cross on it. I can see the text outside of boxes.I have even downloaded the E-Book patch, still doesn't work.Any suggestions

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I may not be understand due to the absense of a few key pronouns in your post I think if you were supplied several files, or a disk with several files, you might be viewing a html web page for example, in a browser window but the e-book may require installing a special viewer instead. The other possibility that I can think of is that you are missing the image files altogether. Where did you get your e-book from and can you take it up with the place that sold it to you? They will probably have much more information on how to solve the problem.

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Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. I have now contacted those who supplied it.Thanks for your help

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