Store wouldn't let me 'stack' coupons

jonsgirlApril 22, 2009

Does this sound right because I've never had it happen before...

I had a coupon for a free can of Pantene hair spray if you bought any bottle of shampoo AND a bottle of conditioner.

I had another coupon for $3 off when you bought a LARGE bottle of Pantene shampoo AND conditioner. With me? The cashier took off the first coupon for the free hair spray then told me I couldn't use the second coupon. I asked why, she said I already used one and I could only get one 'deal'. I pointed out they were coupons for different items and she told me I 'had' to pay full price for the shampoo and conditioner to get the free hair spray. I am easily embarassed and there were people behind me so I said ok, I'll just use that one another time. I took my things out to the car and it was bugging me, so I went back in to the service counter, showed them my receipt and my coupon, told her what the cashier said and asked if that was right. She went over to the cashier, got the coupon I redeemed, came back and studied everything for a while and then said it was correct and I could not use the other coupon. She explained I would be doubling up on an already free item. ????? I said I could understand if I was trying to use a $3 coupon on the already free hair spray, but this was for the shampoo and conditioner...she still would not take the coupon. Has this ever happened to any of you before? I was tempted to just return everything and ask for my coupon back because I know I have done this at Target without a problem. I wasn't try to pull a fast one on them...what do you think? Was the store right to refuse the coupon?

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Stores are not required to take all coupons so I think that is just fine. If you know you can do it at target you should have stated that and returned the items.

I know that bj's will let me double up on my coupons but the grocery stores will not. Every store seems to have different rules.


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Stores are allowed to set their own policy.

Since you can do that at Target, you should have taken the coupons there instead.

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I used to work in a grocery store. What you were trying to do was allowed. Like the other posters said, each store can set its own policy. I know the Wal-Mart computer has thrown out coupons a couple of when I felt something was legitimate. I just avoid Wal-Mart unless I have to or dh or the kids drag me there.

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all the stores i shop at, except bjs in certain cases, do NOT allow me to use multiple coupons on the same purchase...the only exception is if i have a store issued coupon and a manuf. used to be tho that the cashier would have to catch the misuse. now, most places have the registers programed to catch coupon counts. it is possible to get certain items for almost free when shopping sales and using good coupons, but the computers won't allow multiple coupons for the same item in my experience.

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I don't see as the store did anything incorrectly. You were trying to use 2 different coupons for the 1 same item. The store doesn't allow it, so be it. Go to a store that will. NancyLouise

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Well, like I said I wasn't trying to get away with anything, I have never had a problem doing this before so I was just surprised and wondered what other coupon clippers thought. nancylouise, how profound, thank you!

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Your welcome, jonsgirl. You did ask for opinions, glad mine helped. NancyLouise

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While I agree that the stores set their own policies, jonsgirl was not trying to use 2 coupons on the same item. She had a coupon for a free product when she purchased another item. The price on the required purchase was reduced by a second coupon. I think the store should have allowed it, but I'm not surprised that they didn't. I recently was allowed to do this at a Walgreen's, but I wasn't sure beforehand that they would accept it. I think stores that don't allow this type of coupon redemption are missing the boat when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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telly, thats what I thought too! I didn't understand why the poster above me thought I was trying to use two coupons on the same item, if that was the case I wouldn't have bothered posting about it, as I would be in the wrong. I was just looking for some discussion on the matter, not a smackdown. And I guess I can understand if the store has a limit on coupon use or whatever...but don't they get reimbursed by the manufacturer? If so, then why not take the coupon?
Now that I know their policy I will just watch my coupons and go elsewhere for multiple deals, and I'll still shop there, its a great store.

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If the store's written coupon policy is to accept all valid manufacturer's coupons, then they should have taken it. You had coupons for two different items. I probably would have backed down too while in the store though, just because of the embarrassment factor. You should call the store manager or send an email to corporate. Souns like they need to train their employees on policies.

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"I had a coupon for a free can of Pantene hair spray if you bought any bottle of shampoo AND a bottle of conditioner.
I had another coupon for $3 off when you bought a LARGE bottle of Pantene shampoo AND conditioner. With me? "

I think so..........the way I see it, is with the purchase of shampoo and conditioner, one coupon gives you a deal of free hairspray. Or with the purchase of shampoo and conditioner the other coupon gives you a deal of $3 off.

Soooo, they are saying you can't take two 'deals' on one purchase of the shampoo and conditioner set.

Apparently when you buy the shampoo and conditioner set, you can use one coupon or the other, and not both.

I see nothing wrong with this.

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Well, I see it as she bought the products that qualifed her for the $3 off. This purchase also qualified her for a free bottle of hairspray.

FWIW, Kmart and Meijers will honor both coupons, too. (At least in this area.)

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dilly dally, I see what you're saying and it does make sense. But the coupon to get the free hairspray only required a purchase of ANY shampoo and conditioner. I could have bought the small bottles. To use the $3 coupon, I had to purchase the LARGE bottles which were about $2 more apiece. They weren't really cheaper by the unit to buy the large, but since I was getting $3 off by buying the large bottles, plus the free hair spray, I thought it was a bargain. I guess what bothers me is I didn't just return everything and ask for my coupons back. Because the coupon for the $3 off expires today and I'm not going to go out and buy more stuff just to use it. But I didn't want to be a pain or seem petty or hold up the line so I just said
ok. Lesson learned, go to Target next time! :)

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After dilly_dally's post, I went back and reread this. At first I thought it was a nobrainer that you should have gotten credit for both coupons but I've changed my mind. I misunderstood and thought initially that the hairspray was if you bought a shampoo only, you got the spray - I skimmed too quickly. After going back, yes I agree that it would be giving you a dual break and most coupons prohibit this. You bought the shampoo and conditioner to get the $3 off and to get the free spray, you had to make the same purchase of a shampoo and conditioner. If it had been you get $3 off the shampoo and get a free spray for buying the shampoo and conditioner I'd say you should have gotten both. But I think they were justified in refusing in this case. Now, had you bought two bottles of shampoo and two conditioners, you could have bought a small one for the $3 off and large one for the free spray had you wanted.

I had a similar run-in at Kmart last fall but I still think I was right. I had two coupons:
- 75¢ off the purchase of any Windex multipurpose cleaner
- Buy one Windex multipurpose and get one Windex multipurpose free

They said I was using two coupons on the same item. I said no, I'm using the first one on the first bottle and the second one on the second bottle. We argued and she was rude, called me names and accused me of being a thief. I told her to keep it. She said "you can't use more than one coupon on a purchase". So I said you mean if I bought the Windex with one of these coupons I couldn't use a coupon for Tide to buy a bottle of Tide???? It never said I had to pay full price for the intital purchase. She started on a rampage and I was in a hurry so I didn't stay to make trouble. I emailed Kmart and of course I needn't say what response I received. And they had a call in # about the transaction on the receipt so I called them too, and it said if I wanted to hear from them to let me know. You know what response I received on that too!

Oh but the best part at Kmart? She tried to KEEP the coupons! First, when she refused to give me credit, she still put the coupon in the pouch then when I told her to stuff it, she refused at first to give the coupons back! I told her she was a thief! I knew what she was doing. I've been in retail long enough to know that she's padding her till. But that's another story.

Of course they can play all the games they want with coupons as far as what they'll accept or not. And yes, I'm sure most other places would have taken them. My experience was with a nutcase cashier. And I think that other stores might well take both coupons on the Pantene example too. Some stores have looser policies.

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cynic, I think you should have gotten the .75 cents off, I have done this before with no problems. What was that cashiers problem? I would have been mortified if my cashier had called me a thief. And sometimes they act like you're trying to take money out of THEIR pocket. I have been a cashier before at a restaurant, I know when people are out to take advantage, I really wasn't. I don't think you were either. And I still think if the store gets reimbursed for the coupons they should take it.
BUT, after reading other peoples take on it, (except nancylouise) I can see where the store had reason to refuse the coupon.

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Teeny tiny fine print at the bottom of many coupons reads: "offers may not be combined" or words to that effect. So P & G or whomever may in fact prohibit using one coupon to reduce price paid for a shampoo, and a second for a free hairspray if you buy shampoo and conditioner.

Many stores now scan the coupons, and computers will alert the employee to this occurrence. There is no need for the cashiers to be rude about it. On the other hand, customers may not realize that ignoring the vendor's instructions can have consequences for the retail outlet.

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i had to respond again....this past weekend i was sorting thru my huge stack of coupons throwing away those which had expired and i came across the pantene coupon that you mentioned which allowed for a free styling product with the purchase of a shampoo and conditioner. i specifically read it and mine did have (in small print towards the bottom) something like that it could not be combined with other coupons on same purchase.
but, as i said, i used to stack coupons regularly a few years ago and some cashiers would catch it and some wouldn't care...i'm sure the cash register computer programs save the cashiers a lot of grief (from both their managers and customers)by catching coupon errors for them. there are still cashiers who will override the register if it won't accept the coupon, but i think those are the ones who have lenient managers!!!!!

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