Am I really losing it LOL

sugar_flAugust 4, 2006

I am having trouble getting out of the roster deform tool.. I have used it many times. Now it just won't go away no matter what I do. If I undo till it is past adding it & undo the tube I am using it on it just goes to the next tube. Am I really losing it or something LOL. The only PSP I can get rid of it is PSP7 which U just click.. I did it with 9 so automatically I'm not even sure what I did but think clicked on promote to roster layer.. Now that is greyed out. What am I doing wrong? I have rebooted.. tried both 8 & 9.. did everything I could think to do & it doesn't work..

I tried to do a reset & it is greyed also put the selection around the tube.. then I'm back in the same boat.



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Sure had a LONG senior moment today. I'm just learning 9 but how did I forget that.. I was so frusterated today..
Anyway I know how now.. LOL

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Did you do it by clicking on the Pan or Zoom Tool?


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