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brantApril 26, 2003

Does any one have a track phone from kmart or local store. I talked to a cell phone place and they have a hookup for track phones so they told me to buy a phone from a store and just buy the minutes as I need them. The phone is for my husband and he won't be using it all that much. Does a track phone work like a cell phone in roaming and how do we know if we can get service where we are at. Thanks Debbie

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Tracfone has a website Tracfone Website
There is a place on there that will show you if there is service where you are at.
Basically, when you are in your home calling area, each minutes uses 1 unit of time on your phone. If you are out of your home calling area "roaming" your phone will say "roaming" and 1 minute of call time will use 2 units of time on your phone.
You will need to activate a new card every 60 days to keep your phone active. Unused units roll over when you activate a new card. There are cards that you can buy that are good for a year though too.
I personally like my Tracfone, but I only use it for emergencies or when I really need to call someone and don't have access to a phone.

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I have a tracfone and I think it's the best deal around for people who only use it for emergencies. I got it at one of the 'mart stores and got the $100 card which lasts a year. I think it comes out to around $8.33 per month. I was asking the sales person at the store the same question about if it will get reception wherever you go, and I *think* they said tracfone uses other major phone companies towers so they get top notch reception. (Not sure if that's exactly what they said, so check it out for yourself, but I remember being relieved at her answer.) I had the chance to test it one time when I was driving in a remote area of the Pocono mountains and the reception was fine. I would definitely recommend it. You might also want to check opinions on and

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