Silk Care Saving Tip.

ntt_houApril 21, 2011

I find it funny of how much fuss people make when it comes to cleaning silk clothing or anything made of silk fabric.

Silk is an ancient fabric. It existed way before washing machine and dry cleaning were invented. Have you wonder how silk was washed and cleaned back then? Silk is a very strong type of thread. When weaved into fabric, it makes a strong piece of fabric. It is not as delicate at it make it to be.

I put most of my silk clothings into the washing machine for cleaning. I use mild detergent, cold water and set it on gentle cycle for silk. In the dryer, I use regular and low heat for drying. Then, iron the clothes as usual. Ironing will also bring back the silky gloss.

If your silk clothing has lace trimmings or anything that looks delicate and easy to get ripped, put the clothing in a sweater/lingerie wash bag for the washer. Before put it in the dryer, take the clothing out from the bag.

I mentioned using the washer for most of my silk clothing. The exceptions are suit jackets. Not because of the fabric but because of the jacket structure. It's not an easy task to press them. Although, it can be done.

Sometimes, I wonder. Most silk fabrics come from Asia (China, India, etc.), and most of dry cleaning shops are running by Asians. That little label on silk clothings usually recommend for dry cleaning. Makes you think, doesn't it?

So, save your money on dry cleaning when it comes to silk.

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I buy silk at thrift stores and use the fabric for crazy quilts. When I get the item home, I immediately machine wash and machine dry each item. Sometimes I can buy something that I intend to wear and I wash it the same way. I have never had anything silk ruined by doing this.

Sometimes the facings and interfacings are ruined tho. Be careful if there is another type of fabric beside silk in the garment.

I use a steam iron on the lowest steam setting to iron each item.

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I take the bright colored silk to the cleaners and wash my white blouses in the cold water wash with the other whites. I have had a problem with some silks shrinking, even though I wash in cold water. Our dry cleaners only charges $1.99 for each piece, so I don't mind the cost.

Monicatx is right about suits; I don't launder any suit jackets.

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