Easter bunny came, but don't eat the chocolate coins

jrdwyerApril 13, 2009

I was up early with my young son Sunday morning and he was all excited about the Easter Bunny coming and filling his basket. My wife had picked up some stuff at CVS. I was glancing at the candy and noticed that the foil chocolate coins were Made In China. I have made it a policy not to eat food products made in loosely regulated third world nations. Someone else's greed (USA distributor or Chinese manufacturer) could be my or my families loss. So I kindly explain to him that the coins are only for play and not eating. He asks why, and I say that it is really bad tasting chocolate. He is fine with it and really likes the coins for play anyway.

The number of food products offered for sale in the USA and made in countries with poor food regulations and/or corruption seems to be increasing. It is almost imperative to read the very fine print. I would prefer a big flag printed on the front.

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I ate some Chinese marshmallow candy my wife gave me. I spit it out and trashed it. Nasty as hell! I knew something was wrong with the first bite.

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Hell-o ... keepit-low,

Did you take the marshmallows back to the retailer to let them know what you thought of the product that they're selling?

Please just do that!

Plus ... suggest strongly to the manager that s/he sample some ... and see what kind of a response you get.

If s/he refuses ... ask him/her whether s/he looks in the mirror often ... and how does s/he feel about the integrity of a food vendor that won't eat his/her own product??

How would she/he feel about you walking on the street outside the store, wearing a sandwich board saying, "This manager won't eat some of his/her own product".

Good wishes for letting the purveyors of stuff get feedback regarding how well pleased the customers may be with their stuff.

ole joyful

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Good call dad. There was a recall on some chocolate coins a while back. Yours may or may not have been a part of that.

My kinds know they aren't supposed to eat the candy made in China. I don't knowingly buy it. It's hard to keep it away. At Halloween, I went and read labels in the stores. When we trick or treated, anything that looked like it was from China got thrown out. The kids still go to school and get candy as rewards from the teacher, bus driver, and special events. I find wrappers from that same junk that I've been trying to avoid. My 5 yo dd had an Easter party last week. A well meaning grandmother made party bags and loaded them up with junk from the $ stores. My kids are used to getting the better stuff. Dd took one bite and spit it out because she thought it tasted yucky. I saw other kids eating it. It made me sad. I didn't feel I was in a position to say anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snopes - Chocolate Coins

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Thanks for the link. Wow, this is the same company (Sherwood Brands) selling the Easter chocolate coins in the USA at CVS. They were duped by their "dependable" suppliers once, so what makes me think anything has really changed? Obviously Sherwood Brands is greedy bunch, and their Chinese suppliers also want to get rich quick. This can mean big trouble for consumers when it involves foodstuffs.

I'm glad my son didn't eat the stuff. I'll have to make sure my wife looks more closely at the fine print.

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"He asks why, and I say that it is really bad tasting chocolate."

You got that right. Those coins have always been filled with really bad tasting chocolate. As a kid, I never thought anyone ever ate them. Same with those awful Peeps.

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Last year I was making up "goody bags" for my DD's birthday party. At the dollar store they had really cool High School Musical gummies that I knew the kids would like. Then I noticed they were made in China. Didn't buy them.

Went to Kroger and they sold the same HS Musical gummy candy! (For more $$ of course).

Can't seem to escape it!

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hey I just had to comment on this as well, living in California I have learned to be very wary of candy and other stuff that is being shipped in from Mexico. I read a while back there was "concern" at the amount of mercury content in the candy. But I never heard anything more about it, so now I just make sure we don't buy any candy from the "hispanic" section.

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The concern I've heard with Mexican candy was actually lead. We try to avoid that too.

I think Hershey's may have moved some of their plants to Mexico, but I suspect that they since have an image to uphold, lead probably isn't a concern from them.

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A few years ago my local dollar store was selling shrink-wrapped (room temperature) Chinese steaks for a buck.I didn't buy any and have never gone back in that store .

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The health department distributed a flyer related to the candy from Mexico, it is actually the wrappers of the candy that may contain lead. Darn, I really liked the dry peanut butter candy that had a rose on the wrapper.

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