Genevieve's Renovation & What is wrong w/ HGTV?

ttoddJuly 19, 2014

Morning! I did a search on GW and didn't come up w/ any hits so I hope that I am not repeating already stated info.

Genevieve Gorder has a new show on HGTV called Genevieve's Renovation. New episodes air on Thursday's (and here is where I wonder what is wrong w/ HGTV) at 11pm.

It looks like the show is following her during her renovation and design of her NYC home.

I have 2 episodes taped to watch today.

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I enjoyed a few shows on HGTV when it first started. However, it seems like they really went downhill. I do not watch HGTV at all anymore.

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I think that sometimes new shows premier at weird times, and then slide into a normal time slot. I remember this being done with some other shows.

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Ditto tinam61. I used to watch HGTV all the time and now skip it altogether. It's all so formulaic and predictable, and I'm not even demanding or discerning when it comes to design. I even tried the show with the nice couple and their kids. I enjoyed it the first time. All the other episodes were the same show.

Same with the Food Network. Guy Fieri is a disease. And he lives in my town.

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Elraes Miller

I watched both due to some waiting boredom. Still bored. The format is always the same, what will be done, oops - problems and costing more, same darn look of decor. No reason to go there again.

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I absolutely love the new show about the Texas couple called âÂÂFixer UppersâÂÂ, but hate that instead of showing one episode, they show several hours worth, all afternoon, on the same day! I canâÂÂt spend all afternoon watching TV, why not space them out to once a day, or something more balanced? ItâÂÂs a really good show, and I love the work this couple does.

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nanny, that's what DVRs are for. Record whenever, watch at your convenience. The show has its merits and the couple is actually likable, but one show is much like another. With an hour there is a lot of time to stretch it out.

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I DVR'd it because I wasn't going to stay up that late! I agree, why the goofy time slot?

I'm going to disagree with technicolor just a tiny bit. Yes, it was formulaic. However, her design choices are much different from most of the shows on - of course most of them are real estate buying/selling oriented.
I thought that her use of tile in the bathroom was interesting, along with the unusual fixtures. The vanity was freakin' gorgeous. Herringbone flooring is something I'm doing in my MBR/BA, so I was interested in that.
I'd just watch the last 5 minutes for the reveal while the fluff beforehand I could do without.

I find quite a bit more inspiration here than HGTV, that's for sure.

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Alex, that's my strategy, too--I tune in for the last 5 or 10 minutes of the HGTV shows to see the reveals. I can't sit through a whole show.

I caught a few minutes in the middle of Genevieve's show, and it seemed to include the same elements of drama of every other show.

I do like the reveals of "Fixer Upper" with the Texas couple.

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Thx for the heads up. I like Genevieve

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I used to be totally hooked on HGTV, then everything seemed to go toward "design on a dime," with junk made from junk. There were a few shows that featured good design (Candice Olsen comes immediately to mind), but most were just awful. The consistently skimpy draperies gave the the heebie jeebies.

I also like a show that featured a high end room that was reproduced on a budget. I liked it because they explained the design elements and what they were doing to get the same feel. However, I always had the feeling that the less expensive room may have been designed first and then an upscale version created, instead of the other way around.

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I actually sent and email to HGTV asking them why they think they're making right decisions. If I hear a female say "oh this closet is for me, you can have the little one" grrrrrrr
The Love it or List it show should be renamed "Can you bear watching this" sooo staged, soooo phony. I've had enough of these copycat boring shows. I learned that all of the couples on House Hunters actually own the house they choose prior to them buying it. They need new management.

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HGTV is a huge waste of time ..... stupid formula shows and not one decently timed show ......

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I watch HGTV because I have DVR. If not I doubt I could watch it. Love it and list it and house hunters are the ones I dislike and they have remade those into more shows so that's all that is on.

That said they still have a few good ones. The fixer Uppers is now my favorite and I envy them. Maybe its made up but they just seem like the greatest family. I like to imagine there are still good families like that out there. and then of course anything with Scott in it (the guy our of Canada). I tell my husband I'm watching it for the great design ideas.

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I used to like HGTV when they had the decorating shows on. I remember watching Kitty Bartholomew, Matt and Sherry, Candace Olsen, even Design on a Dime. Now most of the shows are about buying and selling real estate and renovating to flip. The shows I liked the least were the one where they would look at houses and then re-design them on a computer and the one from Canada where the guy renovates basement apartments. I guess it is common in Canada for people to have basement apartments in their home that they rent out. That is not common in my area (New England), so I have no interest in that.

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Totally agreed about HGTV. Hopefully we can keep it on topic about the show though. I only say this because we do tend to go off track onto an "everything that is awful and what was once good" about HGTV. We've beat that dead horse a bunch and we're all pretty much in agreement about that.

I watched the 2 episodes that I taped. I like Genevieve. I tend to like her design for the most part since it's not like every other designer that they feature. Lots of shiny brass in the bathroom!

Will continue to watch. I tend to FF to the end design of HGTV shows too - we'll see if this is what starts to happen w/ this one for me too.

Have a great day!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We love Fixer upper with the Texas couple. They are so down to earth and nice and a really cute family. She has an excellent eye. I would love to go shopping with her.
We still like HGTV but don't watch it as much as we once did, I use the Dvr heavily so we watch at our convenience.

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"I absolutely love the new show about the Texas couple called âÂÂFixer UppersâÂÂ, but hate that instead of showing one episode, they show several hours worth, all afternoon, on the same day! I canâÂÂt spend all afternoon watching TV, why not space them out to once a day, or something more balanced? ItâÂÂs a really good show, and I love the work this couple does."

The show's regular timeslot is Thurs 8pm CT

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I am not into hgtv anymore either. Actually, I"m thinking of just cancelling my cable subscription altogether. HGTV seems so contrived and phony. Love it or list it is the same show over and over. It is so obviously staged, as is the ones with the two brothers. To be blunt, the I find HGTV to be boring. The only show I really like is Selling New York, but I actually buy the episodes on Amazon.

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Genevieve has never interested me, and I have see a few of each of her shows. Not everyone has a DVR--we are busy paying for reality. HGTV has changed, and not for the better--and it is worth the time and ink to say it again. Bottom line they are all now one loooong commercial. Genevieve has always been the worst of them.

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I guess I'm the last person on the planet who still watches, and enjoys, HGTV. Part of it might be that I came late to cable; because I didn't think it was particularly useful for kids to watch a lot of tv we never felt it was worth paying for it till my youngest was in HS, so I missed the evidently halcyon days of yore when HGTV was perfect...and yes, I am being a bit snarky :).

I enjoy most of the House Hunters/HH International episodes. Like the beach bargain shows. I don't really like the bickering by both the realtors and clients on Love it or List it, but adore those cute Property Brothers. Hmmm, what else...have never watched that girl in Minnesota, Nicole? whose show is called Rehab Addict I think. Haven't seen any recently but I thought Selling New York and Selling LA.were worthwhile.

I also enjoy the Bravo decorating/real estate oriented shows. All the Million Dollar Listing cities, especially NYC; those guys just crack me up. I love Jeff Lewis and his crazy crew.

Anyway, still a fan of HGTV here.

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Thanks for the heads-up, FoxsPad. I just set one episode to record just to see what it is.

Just in case HGTV checks this out, I don't watch you any more because I like home and garden shows about quality design and good how-to. No strife and quarreling (out of there!), no silly competitions instead of design, no specials showcasing freakishly large and elaborate living rooms and kitchens to eew! and gross! over.

Lynette Jenning's shows are still my standard.

But likely they won't care.

So, really?? Who on earth ARE these upscale women who supposedly like what I feel is usually very mediocre design and...bickering? I mean, really?

I'm not one and certainly wouldn't be if I had a professional designer to give headaches to over the need to de-HGTV my design expectations.

But I still keep hoping and I do have cable should anything worth watching show up, which is why I checked out this thread.

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Runninginplace, I've had your same thoughts about other shows that I didn't check into until after the fact. My husband and I stumbled upon a "Breaking Bad" episode after the show had concluded, and, really, it was like, "Wow--why didn't we know about this when it was airing?" We can claim to our grandchildren an iconic "marathon" weekend of watching every episode. ;-)

I have a friend who produces reality TV in England, and she's had to question her convictions vs. the commercial sell of the show. It's all about ratings. Whether it's House Hunters or The View or Genevieve or the Kardashians--the viewers may question why a show continues, but ratings point to what sells. It's a numbers game for advertisers.

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Runninginplace - I went for years with no tv. I would look forward to staying in hotels so I could watch hgtv on the cable. When I moved and got cable, I was addicted to hgtv. At some point, I got tired of it - the shows were all the same but with different people. But I only have time to watch it on the weekend. I dont know a lot of the shows people are talking about.

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I have no clue how they're #1. The only person I know who watches HGTV is my mom.

Like others I just don't really find it to my taste. The styling from what I've seen is predominantly contemporary (aka Diet Coke of modern) which I try and avoid. It's nothing personal really, just the same sort of interest that most here would have if there were a network that gave lots of great advice for how to put oak cabinets with baby blue walls and geese accessories in one's kitchen.

I do wish there was a network for that though, just to read the reaction threads.

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While I don't always want the rooms that Genevieve does one thing that I do appreciate very much about her is that she doesn't follow the status quo. In a sea of grey & monochrome furnishings, her style has almost always been one of eclectic style w/ a middle eastern bent to it but not in the traditional colors. She brings a fresh take on it and I really enjoy that! Even though I tend to decorate in that monochromatic grey style lol!

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I kinda like the marathons. I tape them and then I can skip the commercials. Guilty pleasure, I just watched the CSI: Miami "binge a thon", on tape so it only took about 3-04 hours couch potato time when DH was out of town. EPIC! Gosh, that was a really good show, so campy, so David Caruso cool.

But I digress, DVR, ~the upside is not having to endure "male enhancement" ads and Marie Osmond Nutri System.

Genevieve, I will try to catch her new show. She seems like a nice person. My favorite all time past HGTV was Chris Madden. Sometimes, I enjoyed Designing for the Sexes though rarely my taste it did offer solutions in helping to solve real decorating dilemmas with odd shaped rooms, layout problems, obstinate spouse. I absolutely hated Decorating Cents with Joan Steffend. They were always angling the bed in the corner. Joan Steffend's voice...fingers on a chalkboard to me. Recently saw her do a Sunsetter commercial and she didn't talk like that at all. I always knew she was faking that baritone, lol.

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Do the ratings organizations KNOW when it is being recorded? Does it count? lol. I don't even know what # HGTV is anymore, and DH and DS love the treehouse show, which sounds EXACTLY the same as HGTV to me!!!

My favorite channel was Fit TV, until Oprah bought it. Maybe she bought HGTV, too.

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Genevieve's style is often too affected for me.

There was a great article in the LA Times about the 20 year anniversary of HGTV. The gist is that they now focus on real-estate based shows as the real estate market is stronger.

I had just bought my first home when the network started. It has changed a lot. Over the years there have been times where I watched less or more, liked the shows less or more, but at the end of the day it is what it is which is low budget, formula tv. Right now I'm not liking the formula.

Here is a link that might be useful: LA Times article

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I really liked HGTV 10 or 12 years ago, when most of the ones I watched were taking items for one use and repurposing them for another. Joan Steffend show was one of my favorites, and Design on a dime was another. I really enjoyed their inventiveness. I try to do those same things, think out side the box to get what I want with different ideas. I rarely watch anymore, the really good designers are gone, Candace Olsen, Design on a dime, original team. David something, is now based in Florida, those were the interesting designers. Miss good programming.

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House and Garden... The garden part has disappeared into a landscaping, or do your patio, show. Nothing about plants at all! 'Put this tall one here...' Is about as good as it gets for gardeners and that is disappointing. there was an excellent show with an Oklahoma gardener, more than educational, funny, learned, varied topics. The problem was, he didn't advocated all the chemicals that were being pushed. Off air he went and I learned to watch HGTV with one eye bent toward who is sponsoring the show. If all you see is the same fabric and snap together floors, pay attention to the commercials, and the credits at the end. BORING...

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Paul James from "Gardening By the Yard". I loved that show.

I'll still watch the end of Gen's show, because there tends to be something that makes me think...even if it's "I could never live with that!" At least her concepts offer something other than the mainstream HGTV look. I'm tired of the constant contemporary/open plan reno that all look alike. It doesn't look like she's blowing out the walls and I look forward to seeing defined spaces.

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Interesting you ask if the ratings organizations know when something has been DVR'd. I am doing a Neilson's Rating Diary this week. The instructions tell me if I am watching a DVR'd program, then I'm to note the time and station where it originally aired.

P.S. I will never agree to do this again. It is a Royal PITA to enter all of the information in the diary, especially when you have a husband who is a chronic channel-changer!

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>> Paul James from "Gardening By the Yard". I loved that show.

Me too! The one thing I disagreed with him on was hackberry trees. Everywhere I've lived they've been nothing but trouble. There was another show on back in the day too with a guy from Florida, unless maybe he was on PBS. He was the one who plugged lantanas on every other show.

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I still watch House Hunters, unless the buyer is too annoying. Yeah, I know it's all a set up but I like to see the houses and what you get for your money in different places.

I detest that show where they come in and redesign someone's yard. They never plant anything. Their idea of re-landscaping is to rip out everything green and replace it with pavers and firepits and monster BBQs.

I can't stand Candice Olsen or her work. She is so annoying.

Yes, HGTV used to be more fun, even that dreadful show where the designers went into friends homes and destroyed them.

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I think that the LA Times article is highly flawed. I will be the first to admit though that I didn't even bother reading it because I think that HGTV has been focusing on the real estate market for at least 5 yrs now and the real estate market has not been up for all of the past 5 yrs. I could be blinded by the boredom of HGTV though so maybe it has been slightly less or more than 5 yrs.

I think someone from HGTV wrote that article.

And I LOVED Paul James!

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Yes, Schicksal! I remember the FL guy, too. Lantana was a favorite and he always used pine straw mulch. My neighbors used to have 3 pines bordering our yard and I raked up all the straw on my side, remembering that show :)

I do miss gardening shows on that network, but PBS still does a decent job.

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LucyStar1 said " I guess it is common in Canada for people to have basement apartments in their home that they rent out.

Hahaha! No, it's not common in Canada. It exists. But only in certain markets, and even then very sparingly. But Scott's a real estate guy, this is what he knows, and he's good looking and charismatic, so they do a show. Candace Olsen, Love it or List it, The Property Brothers, and Sara Richardson are all Canadian, too. So we do have design shows.

It drives me nuts that the networks claim that they have to do real estate shows because that's what people want. No, House Hunters is DIRT CHEAP to produce. They can probably do 100 of that show for every 12 episode season that Candace Olsen did. And easy, too. No design or creativity needed, just follow people around while they look at houses.

Sorry, TheFoxesPad, we don't get Genevieve's show up here, so I can't comment on that. Other than to say I would love to see it. We do get Fixer Upper, though, and I enjoy it.

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I like to give all the shows a chance. I'm still on the fence about the one in Texas: I like the people and it seems less scripted. But the designs in the end are all the same. Very hip and current but still all the same.

My favorite by far is Rehab Addict. Nicole loves old homes and puts a lot of thought into renovating them not just ripping every thing out and tearing down walls. The show also covers one house for many episodes so that each step is explained.

That being said, it is not a design show. I really dislike the Designers Challenge decades of the way the show was presented. But now i miss a show just about interior design. No renovations. Just fabrics and couches and rugs.

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Is Holmes on Homes on HGTV or somewhere else? That and "Great White North" with Bob and Doug are my favorite shows from north of the border. Or if I have to pick home does, I think "This Old House" is great because they do things right and it's the world I've been living in at home for the last year

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I haven't seen, and didn't know about, Genevieve's new show. I don't even watch much HGTV anymore because it's all so repetitive. I tune in every now and then and that is how I came across Nicole Curtis and the 'Fixer Upper' couple, both of whom I do like. I too miss Paul James. He was fun and had mostly good garden advice. I miss the garden part of HGTV the most, that being good solid garden advice and real landscape info, not crazy 1- or 2-day renovations that remind me of plunk-gardening. I just cringe thinking of the weeds those poor people will be fighting in a few months in those gravel pathways.

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This post was edited by jstell2008 on Fri, Sep 26, 14 at 20:19

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I'm yet another one who used to watch HGTV constantly, and don't watch it any more. It used to have good variety, and good decorating ideas, but some idiot tossed that all away and replaced it with boring shows that are all alike.

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I wonder if there will be a TV Land-type of channel for re-runs of these old HGTV shows that we miss. I really enjoyed Paul James, too--entertaining and informative.

I agree the landscaping shows aren't really about "landscaping" anymore. I live in Chicagoland, and there's only so much $$ people around here will invest in outdoor living spaces when our springs are wet, our summers are full of mosquitos, and our falls turn to quickly into winter.

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Peony4 - ION is showing old Design Rivals, Home To Go and Room To Grow episodes.

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JStell.......I'm with you. Simple lines and easy to clean. I don't know how old you are but it could almost be called "Decorating for Seniors." As I get older, not only am I tired of cleaning in general, but it's got to be quick and easy. The first show could be called "If You Hate Dusting, Don't Buy Espresso Furniture." Boy, am I sorry I did--I could dust it every other day.

I miss shows like Designer's Challenge and Designing for the Sexes, Christopher Lowell. They gave you concrete design information. Matt and Sherri were corny as all get out, but I liked that they shopped at stores the average person would and their designs were practical and affordable and I could picture the room in a neighbor's house..they weren't $10,000 custom sofas or $4,000 chandys. I love Sarah Richardson's designs and how she puts fabrics together....and she isn't beyond finding a flea market chair and reupholstering it, but you only see rooms like hers on TV or in magazines.

About the only thing I watch now on HGTV is HH. I also tired of the shows that "remodeled" a kitchen or bath in 3 days and even Ty Pennington's doing a house in a week for a deserving family..... they looked good on TV but you know they were all slapped together and would probably need to be redone when the cameras left.

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TheFoxsPad said, "ION is showing old Design Rivals, Home To Go and Room To Grow episodes."

Thanks so much for mentioning that. I'm going to see if I have access to ION. I enjoy Peter Fallico's shows, especially if I can fast-forward through the DIY part.

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Designing for the Sexes was hilarious, all the faux drama. You knew what was coming and Michael Payne delivered. Is he still around?

I'm always struck by how different the houses seem in Canada from anything I've seen in California. I can always tell that the show's from Canada.

I would rather watch This Old House on the other channels that carry it in my area, where they actually do something to improve the house, not put lipstick on a pig. Even though I don't have an old house, I can learn something. I even subscribe to their mag.

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This post was edited by jstell2008 on Fri, Sep 26, 14 at 20:22

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Thank you, TheFoxesPad! I wasn't aware of ION.

I also like Sarah Richardson and her Sarah 101 show. I caught part of an episode this morning where she designs this bathroom. Toward the end of the show, during the reveal, the homeowner stated she did not like the pink curtains and would probably change them. I thought it was "gutsy" of the show to leave that in there and not edit it out.

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I haven't watched HGTV in ages, but I do like Sarah Richardson. Wish she had new shows coming.

Has any started watching Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) new show? Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall. He does it right, like Bronson Pinchot - was also a DIY show.

Here is a link that might be useful: Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall

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I don't know if it's been shown in the US, but Sarah's latest show was another real estate show. She takes people to see houses, they buy one, and she spend 5 minutes of airtime decorating a room for them. It was AWFUL.

I saw Tommy Smythe speak at a home show, and he basically said that he's not going to be doing another show until the real estate TV show trend is over, because that's not his thing, and that's all the networks want to produce. :(

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OK, so who are all these people watching the real estate shows? I know we may not be a representative population here on GW (or, perhaps we are?), but there seems to be not much left on the network that's loved... My friends and family will occasionally tune in to HGTV, I think, but they're certainly not serial watchers who would impact ratings.

Who's watching enough of the current HGTV shows to warrant what's being aired? It's like the Kardashians... I don't know one person who has any interest in that family, but they are perceived to be so incredibly popular. Perhaps I live in a bubble.

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Good question Peony.....I catch HH maybe a few times a week if that and that's about it...used to love HGTV and watched a lot...not anymore. I will give Genevieve's and Darryl's shows a look....and that's pretty much what I do...I will watch a new show to see what it is but havent gotten hooked on any in years.

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I don't think there are all that many people watching the real estate shows. But they are so cheap and easy, that you only need a fraction of the viewers to make it worthwhile financially for the network. And if you've got people watching them because there's nothing else on, it brings up the numbers.

Sarah's old shows might be 10 times as popular. But if HH costs 10% to produce, even if you only get 20% as many viewers (10% actually liking it, and 10% indifferent) , you're actually making twice as much money. Plus, they can probably produce 5 HH shows in a week. I have heard that there are hundreds of episodes already filmed, just waiting to be aired. The only hard part of creating one of those episodes is finding people who want to pose as "buyers". And everyone and their dog wants a few minutes of TV time.

What we need is a new channel to come along, producing new original shows, stealing the viewers who watch HH only because there's nothing else on.

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I've been watching the Daryl's Over-Hall show and it's been good so far. I also miss Bronson Pinchot's show.

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The most interesting thing about Genevieve (besides her daughter's name) is she is dating Anthony Carino from Kitchen Cousins.

HGTV just isn't what it use to be. The show with the Texas couple is about the most interesting one on the channel now, in my opinion. And I do like House Hunters Where are they Now...

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Hubbell LNC 12.6W LED Outdoor Wallpack with Photocell
LBC Lighting
Salsbury Industries Lockers 19000 Series 30.5 in. W x 31 in. H x 5.75 in. D 12
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"Lismore Essence" Frame
$135.00 | Horchow
WS-W5116 Void 16" 20W LED Outdoor Wall Light
LBC Lighting
Kichler Arbon Chrome Pendant 1-Light
Prichard modern sectional sofa
Interior Define
Fredrico Swivel Barstool - BLK/GREY
$899.00 | Horchow
Dora Mini Tin Lunchbox Ornament
$5.99 | zulily
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