Bulk candy

joe_mnApril 27, 2012

I love sweet tart candy. But only the name brand stuff. Not the copy cat stuff. I see they sell bagged bulk stuff on Easter at Walgreens. 12 oz bags for $3. Any leftover is 1/2 price but it goes fast. I saw some online for $4 plus $5 S&H. Yikes. Also saw some 4lb bags for $22 plus $8 S&H. But now I see Walmart has 6oz boxes for $1. Woohoo. Anyone know where I can get bulk stuff for reasonable prices?

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I'm curious what is the name of this candy you buy ?

I order online grocery from walmart mostly & walgreens too.. always quota for free shipping & not much more so I can order again again what I forgot sooner ..

Usually willgo 4 the super huge bags of M&M or Hershey Kisses because those seem to last me very well .. but I almost always have the old calculator going... I'm not gonna pay more than $3 per pound for real or convience food bought onoline.

I buy some Twizzlers things like the twisted ?licorish? looking things those seem a very good buy though lacking in expected flavor strength.. but for the $$ & longevity for computer side/snack food worthy of buying.

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"I'm curious what is the name of this candy you buy ? "

It's the first thing the OP mentions.

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Yes. I may have misspelled it. One T in name? It is not the new chewy version sweetart either. They are small, disc shaped candies. The Easter version are duck, and bunnies. Nice compact little chunks of dextrose. Yum. WM has 6oz boxes for $1. Yr round.

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Think I read it as two words in my mind = sweet & tart candy.
Rather than Willy Wonka's SweeTarts :)

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I found it at rainbow foods for $1.38. Reasonable price.

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