patsyannApril 24, 2007

I have owed a lipstick brush for years now,and I find it one of the best buys I have ever made (well, that may be stretching things a bit). You would be surprised how much lipstick is still in that tube you toss away. Probably the cost of the brush....

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Thanks. Good thought.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I need to get another better brush. I must have 10 tubes of my favorite color that I've been keeping because I might use them someday! I have read about melting them all down and pouring into one little jar, which is what I might do also.

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Thanks for posting this! Reminds me of last year when I was out to dinner with a girlfriend & when finished I was putting on lipstick w/a small lipstick brush that fit in my lipstick tube. Friend said, What are you doing? Oh, this is my favorite color, I replied, & almost out of it. She thought I was nuts...was I ever chuckling inside as I've been learning to be more frugal. Now, if I could only find another tiny brush. Any ideas?

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Somewhat OT: Remember solid mascarra? My mom used it. It was a little cake of black that came with what looked like a miniature toothbrush. You moistened the brush, rubbed it over the cake mascarra and brushed it on your lashes. It lasted at least 10 years. It didn't clump. Can you still buy this somewhere? Maybe "stage makeup" stores?

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Sharlee, if you are looking for good quality, inexpensive, make-up brushes, buy at an artist supply store or craft store. Waaay cheaper than buying a brand name brush at a department store cosmetics counter.

Lipstick brushes usually come in it's own plastic or metal case, so that they not only stay clean and don't pick up any lint in your purse, but they won't transfer lipstick to everything in your purse that it comes in contact with. You can find these with cases at dimestores and the quality is pretty much the same as department store lipstick brushes. For at home use, a case-less brush is fine to use since it won't be rolling around in your purse.

BTW lipstick brushes aren't really sold so that one can be frugal with lipstick, even though it is frugal to use them. They are used so that they lipstick is applied more accurately. Professional make-up artist use them to achieve the perfect lip line. Tell your rude friend that you use the lipstick brush because you are a perfectionist when applying make-up and offer to buy one for her so her lipstick dosen't look so crooked on her. Heh-he-he. Say it in a "helpful" way.


I remember my Mom's cake mascara too. They sold cake mascara right up to the 70's. I believe it is not sold anymore due to health regulations. Adding water to the product also added bacterial contamination, and the mascara acted as a nutrient medium for this bacteria to grow. One of the bigger problems was that there was often no water available when one wanted to touch up their make-up and saliva was often used as a substitute. Yuck. Eye infections are no fun.

This same reasoning is why they do not sell salt tablets that were mixed with water for saline solution, for contact lense wearers. Only saline solution can be sold now. The FDA frowns on home chemistry.

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Hmmm. I never got an infection IN my eye or ON my lids using the cake mascarra. Happens rather frequently now, using the tube type. I think the "germs" get on the applicator FROM your eyelashes, not necessarily the other way 'round.

I do agree about the "spit" factor being a problem. But water?

I just thought it was changed as another way for the cosmetics industry to make more money.

BTW, isn't it the purpose of skin to form a protective barrier? How can skin creams do anything more than sit on top of your skin?

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I always heard you should throw out all your eye makeup every three months, to prevent eye infections. If you've ever had bacterial conjubctivitis, you'll listen.

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I also use a brush to use up the lipstick in the tube. As was pointed out there's a lot left in there I used to just throw away. Linn

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