Demolition of brick mailbox monstrosity

ohmmm_gwApril 13, 2010

I want to be rid of this ugly brick eyesore in front of the house. Can I reasonably expect to be able to knock this all apart with a large sledgehammer? Or do I need to rent a small powered hammer/chisel demo tool?

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A two-pound hammer and a 1-1/2" mason's chisel should be all you'd need to take it apart, though a power chisel would be faster and more fun.

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you could also cut it up with a skil saw and a masonry blade.

why remove it? It doesn't look bad and I pity the fool that hits it with a car.

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Not cost effective, but it looks like fun.

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Brick is easy tp 'dis-assemble.'

Mortar has very little strength in tension, so aim the chisel (mentioned above) almost parallel to the face of the bricks and they will pop right off.

Not more than an hours work there to take apart.

A little longer to get rid of the bricks.

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and the love of demo is lifelong!

have a blast!

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It was probably put up there the 3rd time some idiot ran over his metal mailbox on a post. It would look nice with a small low juniper bush on each side or some flowers or heavy pot with flowers in it on top.

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Thanks for the tips. It's not actually used for mail delivery. The postal guy only goes down one side of the street, so our real mailbox is on the other side of the road.
I just want to be rid of it. Apparently all builders here put one of these brick things up with each house. And then they stick the cheapest piece of crap mailbox in it.

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What was it Jimmie Walker used to say? Oh, yeah, "dynomite!!!!!"

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Actually, try craigslist. I'm sure someone out there would like some used bricks.

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