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trekarenApril 10, 2003

Since we're all in a frugal mood lately, I thought I would post this link for anyone planning a trip to Orlando in the near future.

Feel free to add your own tips!

(I may also post this on vacations forum but this forum seems to get more traffic!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Discount Card link

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Pooh Bear

We went to Disney World in Orlando for our honeymoon.
We went thru the Sears travel agency.
Because it was thru Sears, we put the whole thing on our Sears CC.
We got Plane tickets from Chattanooga to Orlando,
We got A rental car and a hotel for 3 days.
It cost us 565 dollars. (plane tickets, hotel, rental car)
If we had stayed longer we could have got package deals for Disney World and Epcot. Instead we payed our way into the attractions when we got there.
But we only had a few days.
This was in November 1994. We booked the trip 2 days before going.
If we had called earlier and stayed longer we could have done even better for the total trip, but we think we did really good. It was a fun trip.
The whole trip costs us less than 1000 dollars.

Pooh Bear

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Hi Pooh Bear,

You went on your honeymoon.

Bought tickets two days before.

Shotgun mariage?

ole joyful

P.S. I should hope that you had a good time!

If you didn't - you'd better have kept that information to yourself - a darn near 10 year secret.


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Pooh Bear

LOL @ Ed,
Nope, not a shotgun marriage. I was willing. Still am.
I am a very blessed person to have the wife I have.
We are very happy together. Cindy is a wonderful person.
No complaints here whatsoever.

Pooh Bear

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