Anyone here get the Tightwad Gazette Newsletters?

budsterApril 30, 2005

Just wondering if the author still does them. Anyone know? Thanks. Budster

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I mean her yearly update letter....I know she doesn't publish a regular monthly letter anymore. Does anyone know?

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She doesn't do the yearly thing either. I used to subscribe and she stopped I think 2001 or 02 ? I think.... I have it in my file cabinet. .... I would have to go dig it out to find out the exact date but it really doesn't matter cause they don't do them anymore.
Amy said she and the family were ready for privacy.

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There are 3 (I think) Tightwad Gazette books which are compilations of her newsletters that Amy D.
published several years ago. I think they're called Tightwad Gazette 1,11 +111. You could probably get them at on eBay. They are well worth it.

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Appears that she made enough money off the Tightwad Gazette to live rather well and no longer has to scrimp (LOL)!

The books have some very good suggestions. Though some ideas were not practical for me they did inspire me to think more about how I spend my money.

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