Downspout funnel and cleanout

java_manApril 19, 2008

Our 2nd floor gutters have four downspouts that clog up almost every year. The filter basket at the entry to the downspout can't be reached except from the 2nd floor roof, which I don't feel safe doing. My neighbour says he's seen extra-wide downspout funnels that don't have a filter basket at the entry to the downspout. This allows debris from the gutter to flow into the downspout. These systems have a leaf filter mounted in the downspout with a cleanout box, located part way down the downspout where it's much easier to access it. This sounds like a good solution for my 4 2nd floor downspouts.

Has anyone used these? Can they be retrofitted to conventional aluminum gutters and downspouts? Can anyone suggest a brand name or website where I can check them out?



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personally i would remove the baskets all together and use a gutter cleaner to rinse them out. they make them with extensions so that you can stand safely onthe ground and use pressurized water to blow everything clear.

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To reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, you may want to consider GutterBrush, a product that traps leaves in place in your gutter in what looks like an oversized bottle brush which fills the length of the gutter. I've used these for several years and love 'em.


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