Pricing gutters

joannbmApril 11, 2009

Our home is a single story home and needs gutters. We have one estimate for $1450 which is for 226 LF of aluminum seamless gutters with 2 down spouts in the front, 2 in the back and one on the side. Does this seem reasonable?

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA


We are trying to get our gutters replaced also. We have had two people out to price gutters. We live in a small cape, so I don't know how that compares, but one estimate is for gutters with leaf guards and heating cable for ice dam prevention and was $2200.

We are still trying to decide whether we even want leaf guards or electric cable.


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Hi Prairiemoon2.
Well we had Leafguard out. We were impressed with them, their price is $5400! It is a much better product, e.g.higher grade metal, and larger spouts; the rep showed us the different comparables and it was striking. This was much more than what we expected so we will ultimately purchase these but we will have to save some money first!

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I just got gutters put on my house. approx 90LF 1 downspout, we reused the others. cost $260.

approx $2.30 a LF for everything.

gutter guards and heat etc cost a lot, if you're not particularly concerned, plain old gutters are cheap.

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Joan, that first estimate is pretty much in line, depending on installer's reputation and warranty. I just got an estimate on a comparable single-story in FL, 6" seamless aluminum, reputable firm:

Rear: 2 straight sections, 64 LFeet, 3 downspouts = $329

Front: 55 LFt., 3 right angles, 2 downspouts = $287 (if done at same time)

Sides: None--gabled ends.

They are REAL EAGER for the work right now! NEGOTIATE!

But $5400!!!?? I think Mr. Snake Oil salesman hypnotized you, LOL! For THAT kind of $$, someone better be showing up to prepare meals, and provide other "services" as well! ;')

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I need gutter also. But I also need the soffet done too. I called Gutter guys anyone use them?

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