Jasc psp vs Corel psp

judys_ontAugust 29, 2007

As you all probably know, Jasc PSP is now Corel PSP.

I was wondering if anyone has used both and can tell me the comparison.

I just lost Jasc PSP ver 8, when my hard drive failed. I mainly used it for photo editing.

I liked it because it had a lot of options, like re-sizing photos in inches, ability to change resolution, and it provided rulers.

Can anyone tell me if the Corel version is much different that Jasc where I can you resize in inches and see a ruler?

It would be nice if some of the free photo editing programs would provide those options, but I don't know of any. I've tried Irfanview and Picasa but didn't like them.

Maybe someone can suggest another program you like, not necessarily freeware.


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I believe they are the exact same program, Corel bought the company is all

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Good to know they didnt mess with it.

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I did a little research on Corel PSP and apparently for people living outside of the U.S., the price is somewhat inflated. Therefore I cannot find the product in Canada.
I also read that it contained a few bugs.

Does anyone know of a comparison photo editing product that will give me the things I had in PSP?
As mentioned, I want to have:
-the choice of measurement units (pixes and inches),
-be able to select resolution when resizing,
-have the ability to view rulers in my Window


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Judy have you ever visited Red Flag Deals? It is a Canadian site where all the younger population (and me) go to post and view the best prices. A valuable tool. 50% of the members are around the greater Toronto area.

You might consider advertising on the buy and sell forum there, you never know who has Paint Shop Pro and no longer need it.

I see Corel want $99 for version 12 yet Amazon.com has used copies of version 9 for $12.99 and up. However they do not ship to the Great White North yet they ship to many other countries.

You can download the free Gimp photo editing program. This is a full featured program but there is a learning curve - as there is with all higher end photo editing software. Or if your aims are more modest you could give Irfanview or Xnview a try. Both are free, both are very versatile. Be sure to grab the plugins if you download Irfanview

Here is a link that might be useful: RedFlagDeals Canada

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Sorry to be so long in replying, but I've been away for a few days.

I'll look into Red Flag Deals and Gimp, as my sister needs something that's free. I had a look at Irfanview last year, but found it didn't give me I wanted.

I ended up biting the bullet and purchased Corel ULead. I downloaded the trial version onto my laptop and although it is quite overblown, I really like the options of measurement units and resizing it provided.
I wanted this program on my desktop so I purchased the CD for that. The lesson here for me was-buy the CD. If you lose your hard drive, you've lost your downloaded programs.

Thanks for the info.

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