Power Washing

jardinistaApril 10, 2012

Need advice--would like to power wash my roof(shingle) and house(vinyl-sided). Any reason not to? Roof is not leaking or peeling,should last another 5-10 years,but looks faded and streaky. Vinyl-sided house(white) just looks and is dirty. Should I power wash either,both??? Thanks,Jardinista

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Power washing roof shingles will a)void the manufacturer's warranty b)strip off the protective mineral layer resulting in much shorter life for the roof. Don't do it.

It shouldn't be necessary to power wash the siding, either. Detergent, a long handled brush and a garden hose are all that's needed.

Power washing can do far more damage than most people realize, especially when done by an unskilled/inexperienced user. Best to avoid altogether.

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You should not power wash siding "UP". It is not meant to prevent water entry that way, only from water running down the siding. That obviously means that if you have to get above the siding so you are spraying down, it is not really worth the trouble. If there is stuff groaning on the roof, moss or lichen, it requires some attention. Otherwise leave it alone. Wash the siding with a brush and very careful use of the garden hose nozzle.

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OK everybody,Thanks mucho for the feedback.Bet I can do it with longhandled brush and hose. Thanks,Jardinista

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