Warning, Warning, Danger-danger Will Robinson!

blondeautoDecember 14, 2009

Hope this grabs at least one person's attention & saves the headache & expense that we have gone thru. DO NOT buy Mastercraft Exterior Doors! Just purchased 5 FIVE Mastercrap french doors for new construction...every single one of them leaked so horribly, ran down into drywall/foundation. (Pics to prove) Took 3-4 wks for rep to fly in from WI. Blamed install (had 3 different licensed contractors working to stop leaks). Rep confirmed plumb, caulked...water-tested with hose. Deemed "fixed". Next rain= LEAKS!!! The seals broke in the interior portion of the door and leaked from the inside! HOW does that happen? B/c they're junk & slip-shod quality control. Menards passes the buck to Mastercraft/Midwest Manufacturing. We have over $7K invested in 5 doors. ripped out and replaced with Pella sliders (excellent choice). Please learn from our mistake...buyer beware!!! Was NOT improper install...more like masterCRAP from masterSHAFT.

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Are you sure the doors were installed correctly? The major cause of leaks with windows and doors is installers who do not flash properly. There are many ways to flash that look like they would work, but don't.

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If you google MasterCraft doors you will find that they are well known for their lack of quality.

If you want to use a less established brand you need to do the necessary due diligence.

I don't have a high opinion of Pella products but they are a big step up so I hope they work out for you.

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Yea, the quality of those doors has gone down from what it use to be. Over the years I think I've bought about 10 exterior Mastercraft doors, and after the last few I won't buy them again.

Menards use to be known for selling nothing but junk, and then they went through a period of years where quality really improved, but now it seems to be going back the other way. I still shop there, but you really have to look over what you are getting. I still spend a lot of money at Menards each year, have been for a long time LOL!! It is rare that a week goes by that I'm not there at least once picking something up.

I thought Menards owned Mastercraft/MM manufacturing. Use to drive by the big plant on my way to the Eau Claire store when we lived in WI.


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