reusing dehumidifed water

valtorrezApril 27, 2013

During this time of season, I pour the water collected to dehudifier down the drain. I was wondering if I could store this water in a rain barrel and use in summer for plants. Has anyone did this.

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Why not? Water is water. It would be similar to distilled water. I would use it rather than putting it down the drain.

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I take the container out and empty the water right on all my plants in barrels and pots.

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My air conditioner is in the attic. It drains into a rain barrel and I use the water for my outside flower plant containers.

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My mother used the water in the steam iron.

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We always use the water for the dehumidifier to water the plants/grass outside. Seems a shame to waste it, especially since you're paying for the energy used to collect it.

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The drain for the condensate from out AC will end up outside, where I can use it for the gardens.

I don't know how much there will be, but it's going onto the plants and not down the drain.

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