Foundation Insulation Board Repair/Patch

TunerApril 22, 2012

We have some very tattered insulation/waterproofing board on the exterior foundation of our newer home. What can I patch it with and what can I paint it with? Have tried some DAP acrylic, but it droops from the bigger areas. Any cost savings ideas would be great. Latex or oil paint? This is some sort of poly-styrene that appears glued, but breaks off like spray.

HELP! I'm in race to get this done before the landscaper gets here and I have A LOT to finish.

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It is rigid foam board insulation that is stuck to the foundation with a mastic. It's sold in 4' x 8' sheets at Lowes, Home Depot, etal.
The board helps with temperature control in the basement but there is little or no benefit at or just below grade level.
Where it is broken away, you can apply brush-on foundation coating, sold in 2 and 5 gallon sizes, though it may not be called for if the wall already has a coating applied.

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