Best way to paint baseboards w/ carpets?

brussoApril 4, 2007

I am painting several rooms with baseboards and each room is wall to wall carpet. In the past, I used a 12 drywall knife to 'hold down' the carpet as I painted the baseboard and this works pretty good. The problem is when I move on to another section, the carpet 'bounces' back up and gets some paint on it. What is a better way to do this where maybe I can keep the carpet away from the baseboard until the paint completely dries on the baseboard?


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If the carpet is wall to wall then it's probably installed with tackboard on the edges. If you start pulling all the carpet off the tack board you will have to have a stretcher to get it back in place.
One idea that I've used is to put down 2 or 3" masking tape on the carpet and run it up about 1/4" to 3/8" up on the baseboard. Then take your drywall knife and tuck this extra 1/4" down between the carpet and the baseboard. This works best if the pile on the carpet isn't too thick. Anyway, will only cost you a few cents to try.

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I've seen strips to tuck under there sold at some Lowe's and HD's. But you can also cut thin strips (like 3") from a large cardboard box. Stiffer cardboard works better - try to tuck all the way under, and cut plenty at the beginning for the whole room.

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coolvt, the last time I had to do this, I did the same thing, excpet that instead of tape, I got a 12" wide roll of butcher paper and used that. Gave me some extra latitude for my extra-sloppy brush handling. (Roller good, brush bad...)

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Pieces of 2 inch wide venetion blind wedged under the trim and over the carpet.
I cut out the section with holes to prevent any problems.

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