Free or low cost meds--GardenMomma this is for you

ericasjApril 6, 2005

Hi, thought I'd post this separately to make it easier to find later on...

There are several ways to get free or low-cost prescriptions, usually with income limits and often subsidized by the drug companies themselves rather than the government. These are some websites to find them. I'm sure there's a lot of overlap, but there's probably info on one site that's not on another: (for NJ residents only)

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That's very helpful information but I know someone who not only can't afford the medicine but also can't afford a doctor to prescribe it.

Any advice on finding a doctor when you are not earning enough money and are not offered health care?

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Thanks Erica, I wll be sure to check those sites out.

Maria, we're in OH, our county has dr. & dentist that uses a sliding fee scale, meaning they will go by on how much your income is. Maybe there is one in your area. You may be able to find out by contacting county health dept..

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She did call around in Texas, where she is crashing at her friend's mother's house. They said in order to get to go to a clinic, she would have to fill in forms and add her friend's salary and his mother's salary to any money she gets. I suppose it would be better for her to live on the street but then they'd probably say that she has no address. This is lose/lose for her.

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Hey Erica, I found a free presription plan through our state for discounted prescription drugs, came into effect Jan '05. You must be 60 & over or if under 60, monthly family income not be over their set income limits, have had no prescription drug coverage including third party ins from employer or insurer. There is no application or enrollment fees...Thanks for idea....

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