Do you recycle these items?

yellowhairApril 23, 2004


Just wondering what kind of uses you get for these items:

The bags that microwave popcorn come in. Can they be reused for something?

Aluminum cans---I use one as a pet food dipper-outer.

Water bottles. I used some for starting seeds. Some I use for freezing regular water.

Glass jar thingys that face creams and other good-smelling cosmetics come in.

Plastic shopping bags. I use some for trashcans.


What other uses can these items have? Or do you have some items that you recycle? TIA sue

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I use plastic shopping bags to line small trash cans, like in the bathroom & office...also for doggy-doo pickup bags on walks. The small plastic produce bags - I only get those if I'm getting something like green beans that have to be bagged - get used for sandwich bags etc; instead of buying sandwich bags, which has always seemed really silly to me.

Plastic pop bottles and cans get "recycled" at the grocery store for cash.

I think bottled water is a horrendous waste of money...I have one of those filter jugs for water, and keep it in the fridge. I used to have a filter that attached to the faucet; that worked very well too. Most bottled water is just filtered tap water anyhow, why pay for it when you can filter your own at home for way less? Plus you're not cluttering landfills with plastic bottles.

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I recycle what I can....mostly in the ways you have mentioned. I have crocheted with the plastic bags, made a throw mat and fiddled around and made a bag for wet beach things....a friend crocheted some placemats for her patio from grocery bags... tin cans, well I have a book somewhere that shows how to make some dollhouse furnature from tin cans (someday I will attempt something) but they mostly hit the recycle bin - rinsed and label removed (Campbell soup labels go to the local grocery store where some of the schools have drop bins for the labels - they earn points for computers etc...) Other than that...well I don't buy the bottled water unless it is an absolute neccessity. Here we go off on the great bottled water debate again...Bud

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I use plastic bottles (cut off) to make a dish to replant my seedlings after I started them in a bigger dish or pan. Yogurt cups are great for this too.
The grocery stores take the used plastic bags here but Mom volunteers at a food bank and they need all they can get.
Sue try a stir crazy popcorn popper - they work great and you can control the oil you use in them. I bought my last one at a yard sale for $3.
To each their own on the water - I drink enough sodas for my "waste" of money. Kathy

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