bye for a while

tahlequahgardensApril 28, 2003

I haven't started any threads, but posted, on some here and there, since I joined in February. However, as the growing season for the yard, and the training season for my big bike ride are here, I am really to busy to stay online as much as I have in the past.

I learned a lot of money saving tips, thanks joyfuled! and all the rest of you. I shall be lurking ever once in a while, but mostly staying off the THS forums and the computer.

Thanks for all the happy and the serious discussions, and the camaraderie that is shown everybody here. I will return in the fall, when I get back home.

Thanks again

Moni in Tahlequah

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I'm not good at good-byes so ... see ya later, tater. Don't skin up your knees! Have a blast, we wanna see pix when you get back.

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Hi tahlequahgardener,

Sorry that you're leaving for a while.

We'll miss you.

Come back whenever you can.

This is a friendly site, isn't it?

'Bye tahlequah gardener,

God's peace go with you,

joyful Ed Baker

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