Door too long after new carpet / pad put in

kruiseApril 18, 2010

So there was next to no pad under the original carpet. But after they finished installing my new carpet and pad almost none of my doors will shut without some force. The doors are hollow so I'm not sure how much they need to be or can be trimmed. Any ideas?

I don't have the tools or the ability to do any of the work. So I'll have to hire someone. I'm disappointed the carpet store didn't warn me about this.

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Call the carpet store and tell them to finish the job. That adjustment was always a part of our carpet jobs.

A Handyman can do that job. Might charge $15 to $25 per door, depending on where he can do the trimming.(How far he has to carry each door and through what doors.)

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Can't the door pins be adjusted?

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Even hollow core doors have room for trimming. Alternatively, you can replace the hinges with a specialty hinge that has a slight upward spiral to the barrels and this causes the door to lift a bit as you swing it open. It might be cheaper and easier to trim the doors, though.

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I wouldn't let carpet installers cut my doors even at no cost.

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That is where I first learned to correctly cut a door to fit. My boss had most of his business as referrals. That was a key point.

You just have to ask if they can do it right. And know how so you know. Much like many remodeling/home improvement skills.

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I guess the carpet guys have never seen this before?

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"Can't the door pins be adjusted?"

How do hinge pins adjust door height?

Trim the doors.

If you are nervous about how much material is on the bottom of any door, drill a small hole (~1/8 inch) and use some wire to find the thickness of the wood.

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