urleeAugust 8, 2005

Can you believe this?

I can't, for the love of me, remember HOW to make the "Rays" in a picture?

I have a gold mine in tutorials that we did but NOTHING on that one. I have a picture of what I did but HOW?

Can someone tell me? In the mean time, I will be poking around to see if I can remember.


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I think I found it.
Effects, illumination but am having trouble getting the rays right.

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Sorry I can't help you out. I know we did it once but for the life of me I can't remember. Damned old CRS!!!

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Urlee, use....

Effects > Illumination Effects > Sunburst

You will have to play with the settings. Lower the brightness number, so, you can see where you are putting it vertical and horizontally. Now play with the other settings. The larger the brightness number the larger the circle.


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Hi Joy,
I did manage to get it right but now I am SOOOOOOO heartbroken cause I made a beautiful picture and accidently deleted it thinking it was saved when I clicked on the X.
I didn't close out of PSP hoping there is a way of getting it back?
Please answer as I am sooooo devastated!

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If it didn't ask you to save changes, then it must have been saved!?

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That is when I discovered it wasn't saved.
I had rotated it to print out and thinking that was what it was asking, I just closed it thinking it was saved and would just get unrotated by me not saving changes.
But-----I did find I had the poem still on my Text window so that saved me from having to retype and locate font style and size. I also had the sense to have saved the other components for me to place on my remade background image. Whew!
BUT----------I had to retype the title cause it was in a larger size only to find (after all printed out, ink $$) I mispelled Doggy! I had Doogy! SH--!
My friend's, daughter's 17 year old pet went to doggie heaven and I am making a pretty sympathy graphic to give to her.

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That is a beautiful picture Urlee. Bunny has a wonderful tut that uses that filter Composite Image images.html
I hope I posted that correctly, she said it is ok to do so as long as it is a text link only.

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