Reuse stringers or replace them

chickadee4April 25, 2014

To gain access to the loft above the garage is a set of wooden stairs .
The stairs are held up by two posts and joined on the main house beam .
Yes, I have no better why of telling you how the landing is constructed except to say it is attached to the main garage support beam.

The construction team demolished the treads and risers early today due to wood rot.
They plan on reusing the stringers.
The stringers show no wood rot or insect issues.

My concern is that the stringers sit on a wood platform .
They do not plan on swapping this out.

Wouldn't it be a better plan to remove the wood base and replace it?
The new treads and riser will be Azek .

How would you handle this stair rebuild?
Keep stringers?
Insist on a new base?

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I think you need to trust the judgement of your contractor.

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About a year ago the plumber crushed the kitchen counter frame under the sink as he was cutting the drain hole in the cradle. The plumber pushed on the circular bit cause it was dull. The soap stone sink and counters were Just installed before he had started connecting the faucet and dishwasher. He blamed the crushed cabinet frame on the counter installers.He did a strong song and dance until I showed him photos of the work area as the counter team finished.
The plumbers drill bit needed a huge amount of elbow grease so when he pushed off the island with his hoot he forced his tool belt into the cabinet popping the trim . His foot left a nice sole imprint on my linen white cabinets.
Why am I so snarky?
Having lived in five states with 13 addresses I have handled many home projects. Over time I have found if I understand the project I save time and money knowing my choices. It is easier to address choices as the project evolves instead of the contractor handing me the surprises.

Years ago I had installed a cement roofing tile. A few months later i opened an office cabinet thinking the hubby had crushed his cohiba cigars. Wondering if maybe this pile of crumbs was a bug issue I took it to the hardware store. Tenting for the termites was scheduled tout de suite . Knowing the cement tile will be destroyed if not walked on appropriately I added a repair clause. I was told only thirty tiles were destroyed in the tenting process. Shocked the termite people when I said I am going to inspect the roof. I freaked out as I was swinging onto the roof so just looked from my perch point. Silly me! When I sold the home three years later I had three hundred broken tiles. I should have given them a camera to take photos of all the roof sections.
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

As a woman I have met a few talented construction crews and a few RPIA.
This is not my first rodeo . I prefer knowing my choices instead of learning a year from now I will need to pull the railings, treads and risers to redo these stairs.
I like the crew who are working on my present home issues. My present home repair entails replacing the outdoor steps, replacing the siding on six hundred sq ft, reflashing the chimney and a roof hole large enough for me to insert both my hands. I am looking at five digit bill. I am into a hefty repair bill cause someone cut corners. live and learn!

Side note:
I always find your posts to be thoughtful intelligent and humorous .
I did laugh reading your response and appreciate your post.
Thank you

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