Driveway drainage issues

roch_plantgirlApril 8, 2006

I'm a new homeowner in need of advice with our driveway. Our garage door is located at the lowest part of the property, and when it rains, we get water up against the door and coming into the house.

We called a paving contractor, and he suggested that we install a channel drain in front of the garage to divert the water.

Does anyone have experience with this? What is the best way to go about installing it ourselves? Where and how should we divert the water? Right now, we were thinking of going out into the front yard with perforated tubing in a gravel bed about 20 feet - would that be sufficient?

Please help!

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They call it a french drain. We had to do the same thing to our house in TX. The easiest way is to rent a trencher, dig down about 18 inches & layer some river rock or "sewer rock" in the bottom. Then go in with the needed length of the black preforated pipe. I suggest also using the fabric sleeve covering that they sell. We didn't & the pipe would get clogged with dirt over time. We covered the pipe with another layer of dirt & then rocks & used it as a rock feature in our yard.
Our neighbors in TX did the same thing but put metal grating over top of theirs. The people across the street from our new house did a french drain & they just covered the pipe with dirt. It seems to work well any of those ways.
As for diverting the water we just snaked the flexible pipe down the length of the garage & curved it so it would drain off into the side yard.

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We had a big problem with water coming in the garage at our last house. I was so glad when we finally moved.

If you are considering installing a drain, I would not suggest using metal grating as the cover. We had a grated drain running the length of the garage door and in the winter it would fill with water and freeze and then it really flooded! Otherwise the grated drain worked well but in the winter it was a PIA.

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I have a drainage problem although it is not really a driveway problem, I have a pool area in my back yard and a pation area in my front yard both have tiles covering them but the cowboy contractor who did the job made a hash of the slopes and everything is sloping to the house, I want to know is there some sort of drainage system I could install to stop the water running into the house, even if it means me having to cut channels and install some sort of drainage I have to interrupt the flow direction to the house any help would be gratefully appreciated

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