Storm door clearance won't allow for a doormat

jakabedyJuly 19, 2014

Does anyone else have this situation? We've recently moved into our new home and quickly realized the sweep of the storm doors doesn't allow any clearance for a doormat in front of either front door (main front door, and door to DH's office, at the right end of the porch). There's no step up from the porch into the house. I have a rug inside the door that catches most "stuff", and we're going to find something similar for inside DH's office this weekend, but it still seems odd to me NOT to have a door mat.

If you've faced something similar, did you just do without? Or did you put a mat off to the side somewhere?

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I don't have a door mat outside my front door, and you step UP to go in through the door, so there is plenty of room for a mat. But I don't have one because the porch floor is wood, and you don't want a mat on wood. I just have the inside mat.

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Tibbrix -

Our porch/portal has a concrete floor -- no special considerations needed. And I'm still toying with the overall plan for how to decorate the space. The mat conundrum just adds to the fun.

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You don't mention whether or not your front door is under an overhang but Home Depot carries some very flat mats that are more for indoor but could be used for outdoor.

It sounds like there isn't even a doorsill - interesting.

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I have the same problem. Some sweeps are adjustable, you might want to check that. Ours is adjusted to all the way up, for the most clearance, which isn't much. I am able to find mats for it but they have to be super thin. I have found them at Walmart and Dollar General. I found a real pretty one at Dollar General that just says Welcome and has a basket of Geraniums on it.

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I have my door mat off to the side even though there is room for the door to open. The reason I have it off to the side, is if you wipe your feet on it, and it is in front of the door, you have to step back off the mat to open the door. Mine is off to the side, wipe your feet, open the door and enter the house. Doen't look funny at all. My back door to the wooden deck has the mat off to the side for the same reason.

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I do the same as grandmaof3. It kind of bugs me that the doormat is off to the side, but couldn't think of anything better. This is our back door and we often have dirty feet coming in from the garden.

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